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Happy Easter

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(this is cute)

Happy Easter everyone! What are you doing for it if you are? I am making crab cakes and also we are going out to our favoriate restaurant for a glass of wine (not for brunch too pricey and too filling, we will eat the cakes I make after)
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Marge, That is hilarious!! Thanks for sharing!

Happy Easter Everyone!!
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cute card!
I'll be cooking Easter dinner this year for about 9 people so I have to get started tomorrow to get it all done on time!
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OH that was cute........Hoppy Easter!!!
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That is cute! Hubby has to work Easter Sunday (and Monday), so we'll have to have "dinner" at around 11 a.m.., since he has to be at work at noon. I've got a ham, and am going to make homemade baked beans and a salad. I'm in the mood for coleslaw, but that would be too much with baked beans, ! Jamie and I will probably chill out with a DVD in the afternoon, after taking a long walk, and watch LOTR on TV in the evening.
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That.....Was....FREAKY!Men like the kind of stuff were the easter Bunny falls into a pit full of spikes and this weird drug abused guy has to take over. That would be Okay. But otherwise, Happy Easter
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Haha, that's cute!

Happy Easter to you too!
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After dropping my daughter off to her dad, I'm going with a friend out to his farm. We're going to hang with his huge family & eat, drink, play cards, wander around the farm. Visit the horses, dogs, barn kitties. I am bringing a Jello pudding cake... can't wait to make it just so I can eat the batter!
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happy easter all going out for seafood which I love so can I come over for crab cakes Marge LOL!
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Happy Easter to you too!
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