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Balancing act -

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Ok my Loki a 19month old bengal boy has recently decided to start climbing
the iron railing of my indoor balcony (for a lack of a better desciption). He balances himself very happyily on top of the railing walking back, forth and making himself comfortable. My concern is that on one side there is a 15-20 foot drop into my dinning room. To further explain I have a two story townhouse. Anyway I have tried spraying it with citrus airfreshner, letting him know that I was not please with a stern NO, etc. (he is very stubborn). Nothing seems to help.

I am now at the stage of trying to ignor it hoping that if I don't react it won't so much fun.
Hopefully it's just another phase and he'll get tired of it. My biggest fear is that he'll fall, hurt himself and I am not home. Locking him up when I not home is not the answer, but what can I do instead?

Any suggestions/insights would be appreciated.


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Try making the railing unpleasant.....put double-sided tape on the rungs (I wouldn't put it on top because you don't want him to panic when he lands on it and jumpt off the wrong way). Or....try balancing (on top of the railing) empty soft drink cans or other things that will make a loud noise if he hits them. Or try to block access right in front of the railing so that he would have to be too far back to jump.

Good luck!
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Good IDEA - I'll try the double sided tape suggestion first. Have to go Home Dept tonight anyway and pick some up.

He took a dive once before when he was only 9 months old and fell down trying to climb from the last stair to the main landing the hard way. That time we were lucky he got away with a bloody nose and a hell of a scare (on both sides)

As always thanks.....
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I would have a heart attack if I had that problem here!! Besides everything Lotsocats suggested, maybe if you put up one of those window beds or cat trees to lay on instead of the actual railing. My guess is he just wants to be up and above everything and that's whats to attractive to him.
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Sandy: Heart attack is not the word. When I first saw him do it I got hotflashes and almost hyper-ventilated. Of course Home Depot did not have double sided tape but last night he only did it once. However this was still one time too many for my taste. I am of to Ace hardware tonight.
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