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Thank you Coolcat/Rigel & Gema

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I came home to a very nice card and a 2 very sweet gifts all the way from Mexico from my very dear friends, Rigel and Gema. Oh of course, the wonderful Milky too!

Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.

Rigel knows from here that I love lighthouses, so they sent me a refridgerator magnet, (which is perfect because I collect them from all over) a lighthouse on Progreso Beach in Mexico.

Here are the group of them

and then a wonderful book marker that has the wedding anniversary date on the back of it!

Gema and Rigel, Jerry and I thank you and will treasure these gifts always!
As the card said that you sent:

es saber que tenemos una amistad en la que compartimos todo!
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Aww, how sweet of Rigel, Gema, and Milky to send you such nice gifts!! What a wonderful person to recieve them, also!!!
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Awwww Susie those are lovely!

Very well chosen Rigel and Gema!
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aww how lovely. Perfect gifts.
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Very nice!! Rigel and Gema are so sweet!!
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Originally Posted by stormy
Very nice!! Rigel and Gema are so sweet!!

Yes they are Diane!
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Those are lovely, Susan!
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What sweet gifts!
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That is so nice!!! Que bonita, Rigel & Gema!!!
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oh I love fridge magnets Isn't it nice to be thought about what great friends!
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Wow, beautiful gifts, what a great friend he is.
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Yeah, you guys are right........he and his wife Gema are really special people!
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How thoughtful and sweet of them! Very nice gifts!
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Yes, they are very sweet people.........
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Just wanted to mention, Trixie just loves the ribbon on the end of the bookmark. She is having a ball with it!!
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What thoughtful gifts!

It's so nice to get "just because" presents!
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Hello dear friends!
THANK YOU so much for your kind words, , Oh my.. you really make me feel , thank you, thank you

Well Susie you patience was rewarded Eh? ... and that`s why I asked what are you favourite colour , do you remember ...

That bookmark was made it for Gema, she`s good in that kind of work! I`m so happy that you like it Susie!!!!

Once again friends, thank you for your kind words
See you here!
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