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Hiya, just wondering if you guys have Friendster accounts. It's where catster/dogster got their idea for their cat/dog pages! Sort of like a network of friends.
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I'd never even heard of catster/dogster. Thanks for sharing!!
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I had never seen this, thank you for sharing it with us! What a fun idea!
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Let me know if you have your accounts up! Would definitely want to "be your friends!"
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Haven't finished my profile, but my account's open now!
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Great! Let me know your link, or how I can search for you!
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what a good idea to link everyone up on friendster! I am on there...I bet if you do a search for my first name "beryl" and the state of Virginia you'll find me! feel free to add me as a friend.
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Not sure about my link yet, but I am Stephanie in Emerald Isle, NC!
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well Friendster's searching options are not so good. Here is my link if you want to add me!!
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Just a caution- although this is a great idea, depending on what type of personal information you put out there, you could be opening yourself up for all sorts of problems. Take it from someone who was a victim of identity theft last year. You do NOT want personal information on the Internet out there for others with evil intent to find and use against you. Full names, city or town you live in, your state- all of these things can make you a victim or a target. Just be safe is all-
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Originally Posted by hissy
Full names...
::looks at username::


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