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Angel_Kat's Newborn

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Lighting a candle for this newborn kitten.

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What a sad loss. This precious baby now frolics and plays in Heaven.
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Honestly, I sometimes think its hardest to lose one that small? It's not the lingering pain that losing one of our longtime kits causes us, but just knowing that it was so small, and you tried so very hard to save it, it makes it tough! I'm sitting here in tears this morning, just reading through this thread, like many of you, I've been through this, and many times at that, over the years, as even purebreds aren't immune to fading kitten syndrome....but God I wish you guys had been here while I was breeding, and losing some to it! God bless this wee one, will light a candle tonight when I return home.
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Poor little baby
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Bless that sweet, beautiful baby!
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Bless you sweet baby!
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Yeah, it's hard to loose a kitten that small knowing that it's life is still ahead of it, and though you tried to help it, you couldn't, and you feel a sense of failing. When Tri-Bi had her kittens, she had one stillborn. When I found it, it was still warm to the touch, but Tri-Bi didn't even try to help it. I did all I could, and apparently it wasn't enough. Two days later, Tri-Bi killed another one, which I was too late to save, and then abandoned another, which, gladly, I was able to get help for. So, I know how you're feeling, AngelKat. If you need someone to talk to, I'm here. I can totally level with you. I wish your other kitties, and mom cat the best of luck! Prayers are going toward them!

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very sad i'm sure it's exteremely tough to lose a kitten, especially this young.
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Thank you all for your support. It was surprisingly tough. I can't believe how much I cried. I guess she wasn't meant to live. I couldn't even come back here and read the thread! We're good now. The other three kittens are healthy and happy. Two are already in new homes and the last is leaving this evening. I miss them all. They're such snuggle pusses. I'd be laying on the bed watching tv and suddenly I'd be surrounded by tiny white fluffy purring warm bodies snoozing away.

Anyways, thank you again, and thank everyone who gave me advice. If I'm ever put in that situation again, (lets hope that I never am!) I'll at least be wiser and more prepared.
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I am sorry for your loss. How nice to hear that the rest are doing well now! Thanks for the update!
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im so sorry
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Sorry to hear!
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Iam so sorry, Deb. Bless you for lighting a candle.
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Rest in peace sweet little baby.
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I am sorry to hear of the little babies passing. It sounds like you did what you could. My thoughts are with you. RIP little one.
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