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Our cupboards are bare...

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And I am so happy! For the first time in ten years mom and I sat down and gutted all the cabnets and cleaned them. I can't tell you how much outdated food we had to throw away because it went bad. I mean, some of the CANNED food was 5 years outdated. Can anyone say botulism?

This is our fresh start. No more buying junk on a whim. We're taking it one week at a time, and only buying what we know we're going to eat within a few days. I work at a grocery store, so I can bring home food whenever we run out without it being a huge ordeal.

There is so much room now that we can open the doors without stuff falling out. There's even enough room for the cats to hide in the back. (I have some great pics of Mer. )
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That's what I hated when I moved in with Jake. Gosh! Stuff all over the floor, and a lot of stuff that you can't even tell what it is.
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Yep, we could eat for a month on what is in my cupboard, lits of tinned food brought for when I dont feel like cooking, but as I cook almost every night it just stays in the cupboard. Staying on the healthy eating path takes a lot of disipline, one that I fall of heaps. Now were did I hid those biscuits. Debbie
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How much will you charge to come clean the cans out of my pantry???? I need to do a major purge of spices and cans.
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Congratulations on your new start! What a great feeling that must be!
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Originally Posted by captiva
How much will you charge to come clean the cans out of my pantry????
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I did the same thing when I was spring cleaning my house the other day! Now there is actually room in there for stuff I will actually eat.
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we just moved in here not long ago and there isnt really anything outdated Yet!
and because we are low on a budget the cans are very essential!
actually we barely have any left
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This is my first order of business when I get home to mom's this summer. I KNOW she's still got spices from when I was in high school 15 yrs ago! Not to mention that she's got enough pots, pans and dishes to feed an army (she even stores some pans in the oven!) but never has company. Gonna feel SO good to get that clutter out of there!!

Debbie did you find your *cookies*??
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Everyone I know says they are coming to my House if we ever have a bad earthquake, I don't know why so mant of us feel the need to be food pack rats lol
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We did this at Christmas time. We threw out some, and anything that wasn't bad was donated to a food bank. I think it's about time we did it again. I have to say our big culprit is cereal. Earl HAS to have his cereal, but before he finishes a box something else is on sale that he HAS to have. So we have a boatload of half-full cereal boxes in the pantry that are overtaking the whole thing!
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I have a real hard time cleaning out the pantry. I don't know why but even thought of not having enough food is enough to drive me to the grocery store so it's usually fully stocked. I could probably eat on what is in my pantry for the next couple of months.
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