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Pretty Joji

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A very special someone took these pictures of Joji. He's practicing his photography skills. What do you think?

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Those piccys of Joji take my breath away!! Excellent pictures of her Yayi.
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Well Yayi your special somebody certaintly knows how to take a very good photo , loved your Joji. Thanks for sharing.
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Great pics!!! Joji is very photogenic and beautiful!!!
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Nice photo, this person has the touch!
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Oh I love her nose! Great photos
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Those are amazing pictures!! I love them.

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i cant wait to get the digital camera i want!
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Oh Yayi, how beautiful Joji is! She loves the attention, too!
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She's soo pretty!!
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Joji is very beautiful and I'm certain her modeling career will be quite successful.
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I think the photogopher did an excellent job! And I think Joji was an excellent model - my cats never stay that still!
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Wow, nice job by that special someone. Joji looks so beautiful!
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I love her markings!
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awesome picture, beautiful kitty!
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Absolutely stunning pictures! Whoever took them is definitely talented! Of course, when you're taking pictures of a kitty as beautiful as Joji, how could you take a bad picture? You can't! Gorgeous!
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Yayi! Joji is beautiful in those pictures! Why is Joji named that? Isn't Joji a she? Well anyway, lovely pics again!
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Joji is my "senior" lady and favorite
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She's a beauty!!!
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He is good, and Joji is lovely!
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gorgeous pictures of your gorgeous cat!
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Wow, great Photo's and what a cute kitty
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