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CD trade? (again)

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A couple months ago several of us were trading Music CD's (Airprincess, Dodo, Mr. Cat, myself) and many more expressed an interest but we lost track of them.
This is not a New thread, but the last one got long, then fizzled, so I'm re-vamping it.

Anyone with a cd burner, or access to one just makes a cd of their favorite songs, and sends it via "snail mail" to whoever wants to trade.
It was really fun getting a feel for other peoples music , and since we have so many new members, I thought we could try it again?

I just finished BodLovers cd tonight, and as soon as she PM's me her address (hint hint), I'll get it in the mail.:LOL:
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Hey you!! you've got mail!! ha ha ha....can't wait for the music!! as I said I will TRY to get one done too...but you know me...it might happen sometime in the distant future!!! ha ha ha ha .....Can't wait!!
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Ok Rhea, sending it off today, have no idea how long it'll take to reach you!

Don't be too pokey, my Birthday is coming soon, then Christmas shortly after...hint hint
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Cleo, I am glad you started this thread back up again, although I am feeling extremely guilty because I received wonderful CD's from you, Dodo, Mr. Cat and airprincess, and I still haven't found a way to get the CD my step-daughter's x-boyfriend made for me of many of my favorite songs, copied.
This one lady at work said she would do it, because she had a burner, but then she got busy, and it just never happened.
I will still keep trying though, cause I know I owe you guys a CD!!
Maybe I should ask my hubby for a CD burner for christmas! Except I would probably never be able to figure out how to use it.. :LOL:
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Cleo love!! Well seeing as I don't celebrate Christmas and Birthdays.....Im off the hook!!! ha ha ha ha nah don't worry dear I'll still send you one!!! ha ha ha ha...it can be an "end of year" pressie!!!! hee hee...can't wait to get yours, the one I got from Mr Cat took only about a week to get here so hopefully I won't be waiting too long!! Yipeee!!!
Deb, you're not the only one who doesn't know how to use it!!! I will have to engage my hubby to do it for me!!! ha ha ha....(I'll chain him to the chair and force him to listen to all MY music that he doesn't like!!! waahhaa ha ha ha ha...evil laugh..)
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You are TOO funny Rhea!!!!!! :laughing: :LOL: :laughing:
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I would love to do this again! I just have to make sure I can think of enough songs to put on a cd
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But my songs would put all your kids to sleep. I like the mellow songs and easy listening lately. You all could catch up on your naps listening to my picks.....
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