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Tyson keeps getting hairballs?????? I bought him special hairball food I give him that stuff from the tube and I brush him everyday (as much as he'll let me) I don't know what else to do

How can I help him??? I hear him hacking at night and sometimes during the day but nothing comes up. Only once did he actually throw one up. Any advice?

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Start giving him canned pumpkin or a little bit of organic catnip loose leaf every day- look into the zoom groom as your grooming tool, it pulls up more hair and delivers a massage to the cat as well
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I use the Zoom Groom, too. It works great. It is not rough & the cats can rub their faces on it, it's so gentle! Plus it's ergonomic for you, too.

I brush my two long-haired cats almost every night. Still, Snickers & Dusty cough up hairballs. I have tried hairball remedies, too, but still the occasional hairball comes up. It's better for the hairball to be puked up than for it to be passed down into the intestines, where it can cause a blockage.
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I will try the zoom groom on Tyson. I tried it on my other cat (Wayne) but it didn't seem to do much but I'll try it. Anything so I don't have to hear my poor baby hacking on hairballs.

I am also going to try the canned pumpkin I have heard of that before! So I hope some of these sugguestions work. Thanks

I didn't know that cats could eat catnip???? Tyson has a toy with catnip in it and it seems to make him nuts, he goes crazy pounching on it and chewing on it and he has this crazy look in his eyes I wasn't sure if catnip was OK to give him or not???
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