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chickenhead (a pet name I have for alot of pets...its what my dad's best friend said she looked like when she came into the world..and it just stuck with me for pets)
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For me "Amo Bonito" Means (Nice Master!) he´s my little king as you can see ..
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Dexter=Dex, Dekydoo, Dextros, Dekadrone,The Doo, Fuzzy Buns, Goofy
Sadie=Sader, Muchy, Miss Sadie, Sister Sadie, Goofy Girl, FuzzPuppy, SweetPie
and so many more that pop up when least expected.
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Oscar- Oscarpoo, Pretty, Brat, Booger.....don't know where pretty came from but he IS!
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I sometimes call my cat Baby, Bubba.
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Originally Posted by crazy4cats28
Princess nickname is boo, boo boo, boo boo bear or little brat. Patsy's nickname is fat cat because she is always eating and obsessed with food.
I'm so glad I'm not the only one who morphed a completely normal name into BOO BOO BEAR! LOL... I called my cockatiel Georgie that from the day we got her. I could say "heey, Boo Boo", imitating Yogi Bear, and it would relax her right away. Feels good to say, doesn't it?!
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Oh lord, I have so many nick names for "The Boys"... a.k.a my little rascal kitties. Lets see if I can remember a few.

Monkey moo
Monkey Doodle
Crazy cat

Tigger Knot
Tigger Knotious
Baby Tigs
Tiggy Tig
Chubby boy

I am sure that there are several more for each that I am forgetting.

Ugaimes: I must say that I absolutely LOVE the names of your girls! I am a huge Les Mis fan myself and just can't get over the awesome-ness of your name selection.
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*cracks nuckles*

Elliot: Eli, Lelliot, lel, Li Li, Elliot lelliot, Lellums, Elliot so smelliot. Missy Elliot, Pretty boy, fat boy, Mr. Fattums, Mr. Fattums kins, Turkey butt, fluffy butt, waggle butt, wiggle butt, Mr. Fuzzybutt. Mr. Bumbum, Dr. Joe turd wrangler, Elliot lelliot fe fi fo felliot, E li li, Lels, squishy bum, Hissypants, mr. Squish, fluffums, Mr Fluffums head, and oh so many more

Aerowyn: Ari, Munchkin, rat, brat, little rat, rat brat, little rat brat, ratty brat, monkey, sweetie pie, baby girl, fuzzy butt.. but I usually use her whole name aerowyn(r-o-win) and she responds though its kinda long.
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Very cute nicknames for all the kitties some are quite humerous
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