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Ok, so Emo and Easter were fixed a week ago today, and the vet told us to take their stitches out after 7 days, so we were going to do that, but we noticed that Emo's stitch looks almost as if it's healed into her scar. So, well we're not comfortable taking the stitches out, and want to bring them to the vet to get it done, but they're closed all weekend for Easter!! So, is it alright if their stitches stay in for a few days extra? They're open again on Monday, so i could bring them then, but i dont know. any help would be appreciated. thanks!
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Sure, the stitch will probably fall out by then anyway-
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Fwiw, my cats stitches were removed later...10 days, so...imo, I'd leave them.

I am surprised I've never had a vet tell me to remove the stitches myself - but was told to come in any time after x days, and they'd remove the stitches. Never told to do it myself! Now...because I'm an rn (though retired now) I have been comfortable in removing them myself - so long as the incision looked good and there was nothing going on that I felt needed to be seen. You do need to know how though (where the knot is, what to cut and what to pull).

My vote - go in on Monday and have them do it.
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I'd wait till Monday unless she seems uncomfortable. If that happens, you can take her to the emergency clinic.
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let the vet do it, my cat she chewed hers off about 4 days after the fixiung, luckly the skin had heald good enough to hold. But she still went ot make surte it was all out.

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