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Extra teeth!?!?

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Baker is home now from his dental cleaning and... He has EXTRA teeth

Now the vet said this can happen quite often but NOT where his extra teeth are! Every vet in the office today had a look, I guess Baker was quite the show.

Now normally I understand there are 3 teeth behind the canines, but on the bottom Baker has 4 extras, 2 on each side.

I'll try to "show" you what I mean. The first lines are his canines

| |
| |

The inside pink lines are his "extras"
They are completely full grown but the problem is that plauqe is building up between them and putting pressure on his regular teeth which is causing his little mouth to be so sore.

So we have to go to the "Cat Dentist" in about 6 months if the plauqe builds up again and get these teeth removed.

Has anyone else heard of this or had it happen with cats you know?

LOL Baker is such a silly boy!
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Baker, you're such a special little baby! What a brave boy you are, you get to go to a Specialist! This is so interesting, Ash! I'm just glad you've discovered it so you can eliminate any pain he may be having in his mouth!
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I haven't heard of it, but here is a link from the net:

'Extra teeth are occasionally found in cats. They should be removed by a veterinarian if they cause crowding or injury to soft tissue or other teeth.'
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I know I read about it somewhere before, but I haven't known anyone personally who had this problem with their cat.

Still, it's kinda cool.
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Sometimes dogs and cats can have retained 'baby' teeth that won't fall out on their own. Often these 'extra' teeth are removed at the time of spaying/neutering if noticed by an observant vet, to avoid crowding issues of the mouth later in life.
Maybe that's what your cat had?
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