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My cat Roger has a lot of plaque and I was wondering if there was anything I could buy that would remove it. He has Felv so getting his teeth cleaned is not an option.
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No the only way to remove it is with an ultrasonic scaler. Even with Felv why is cleaning them not an option?
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Unless your cat is symptomatic, I would recommend having a dental done. FeLV means you have to be even more careful to protect your kitty's health, and mouth problems can be nasty if they're not taken care of quickly. If your cat's current health is good, he should have no problem handling gas anesthesia and it's far better for him to have that and get his teeth really clean, rather than put it off and risk serious infection setting in.

Given your cat's FeLV status, I would recommend consulting with a board-certified veterinary dentist and seeing what s/he recommends. I see that you are in Maryland and I can personally highly recommend Dr. Ira Luskin. His practice has two locations, in Annapolis and Baltimore. The website is http://www.animaldentalcenter.com/. Dr. Luskin is considered to be one of the best in the country and I can personally say that he saved my cat Mikey's life.
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You can also buy some good steak and strip it out. Cook it halfway, so it isn't raw, but isn't quite cooked. Give him a strip a week, while he gnaws on it, the scraping will help keep his gums clean.
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Thanks everyone for replying.

Roger does have some infection in his gums and except for that he's doing fine. Somehow I got the idea that it was too dangerous for cats that have Felv to be put to sleep. I'll call my vet today and see what he says.


If I'm not satisfled with his response I'll get in touch with Dr. Luskin. Thanks for the website, I saved it for future use. Did your cat have Felv too or did he have other problems?

Glad to see another vegan here. I've been vegan for 4 years and vegetarian for 46 years.
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Brushing his teeth with pet toothpaste will help, even if he won't let you use a brush you can use your finger or a piece of gauze. Their are dental diets available that work with either a mechanical and/or chemical action to prevent tartar build-up and there are also dental chews for cats available at the vets!
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