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Good and bad kitties!

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I don't know what is up with my gang. Pearl is being sweet and bringing me my earplugs that the others steal out of my ears. She has also begun letting me hold her and sitting in my lap, which she has never done.
Fred is being even more lovable than usual if that is possible. He is the most loving, affectionate cat I have ever known.
Scooter aka Poot, is being a little brat. He is constantly in to something, and is very lucky that kitties don't get spankings, because he deserves one! He has decided it is fun to break things, so I can't leave anything breakable on my kitchen counter, where he is not allowed, but goes there anyway. I have to buy a new set of dishes, because he has broken 2 soup bowls, 1 dinner plate, 2 small plates, and Pearl's food bowl in a week. He has also learned to tell time apparently, because for the past week, he SCREAMS in my ear at exactly 6:58. He loves his outside play time, and he will stand at the door, howling, for hours. It is a challenge to get in or out without him escaping and hiding under the big holly bush. He has also decided that he no longer wants to be cuddled or petted unless he can wake us up to do it.
Pepper has begun stalking through the house, making the most God-awful noise, like someone is killing her. She has always done this, but now she is louder about it. It seems that she is trying to scream over Scooter, howling at the door. She also will not stay of the kitchen counter. I went to push her off yesterday, and she flung a bunch of bananas at me!
They take spells of acting up, usually at the change of the seasons. I will be glad when this little episode is over. They are driving us NUTS!!!
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lol, I have to tell you...it sounds like the cats are staging a revolution! You have your hands full...I'll think good thoughts for you that this ornery behavior period ends soon!
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