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Neutered kid attacked by mum

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Hello! Congratulations for this fantastic forum!

I have two cats a female (1yr 7m old) and one of her kittens, a 5 month old male. Both are off-the-charts adorable and they have always been very playful and got along very well. Yesterday I took the little one to be neutered as springtime is approaching (following the vet´s advice). Mummy has already been neutered and she´s been leading a very "peaceful" life since then. After arriving home, mummy inspected the boy with curiousity. She went out for a long walk and as soon as she returned, she literally started hissing at the kitten. She even tried to attack him. I told her off and knows that I don´t want her to attack him, so most of the time she stays alert, staring at him, like she´s never seen him before. I´m doing my best to keep the peace at home. I´m a bit anxious about leaving them alone because of this. I can´t understand why she´s gone from licking him and playing with him in the morning, to be so aggressive five hours later. The kitten is quite shocked by all this sudden changes. He still wants to play with her and be the loving cat he is with her. I don´t know what else to do to keep the peace. Why is she doing this? Will things go back to normal? I´m assuming it has something to do with some change in the kitten´s scent, but never expected to reach this situation. Please help.
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You are right that is is possibly something about his scent. He has the scent of the vet and all sorts of weird smells on him from his neutering. It is not an unusual situation, and they will likely be just fine shortly. It might be a good idea to keep them separated when you are not around until things get back to normal.
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