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Just gettin started here

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Hello, I have 2 cats and four kittens. Penelope was adopted from the shelter. She is an older, very plump black and tan tabby. Angi is about 2years old and was a stray someone abandoned by our home. She is a flamepoint siamese and mama to the boys Egan, orange tabby, Finn and Keelin, very furry flame points that look so much alike I have trouble telling who's who, and a girl, Lia, a more common looking siamese with an attitude. The kittens will be 7wks old on Friday.
They are getting to be quite a handful of mischief and (Queen) Penelope is not pleased. I shut the kittens and mama out of our room last night so Penelope could spend the night in peace on the bed with us. I think I will do that at least a couple of times a week so she feels happier until she gets more used to them (if ever ).
It seems all the cats think our bed is the place to be. They all live upstairs because we have two dogs down stairs. Rez a 17yr old terrior mix and Gaea a purebred Siberian Husky (another female with an attitude). She is the main reason the cats are upstairs.
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I love your pets' names!
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Thanks. The kittens names were found on a webpage of irish names I was looking at since my daughter is pregnant and trying to find a name she and her husband can agree on. I looked at Penelope and said what should your name be and that was the first name that popped into my head. Angi looked like a little angel when I found her so I named her angelique (spelling ) and then shortened to Angi cause it was eisier to say and obviously I didn't know how to spell the other LOL Rez was changed from Resuke which is Japanese for squirrel (he used to chase them)we got him from some students from Japan who could not take him back home with them. Gaea means mother earth my daughter named her, she says it is the Celtic spelling.
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With so many furbabies I'm sure you'll find lots to do here! Great to have you aboard!
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Welcome to the site!!! Great to have you with us!! Your babies sound adorable!! Hope to see you posting often! and don't forget...make yourself at home!
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Welcome !! Post some pics of your babies if you can! We all love pics of furballs!!
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Love your name as well.

Welcome -
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I too love those names...and you can tell they're very Irish! You have quite a group of loved ones! I hope you have a wonderful time here. Happy posting!

Love & Peace,
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