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My kittens are growing up

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Well, my 3 babies have managed to grow up fast. They are all running around and making mom crazy. Just last night #1 who I now refer to as warrior Princess, climbed the desk shelf and jumped into the small trash can filled with papers. As I type this, I have one climbing my very sore leg. We have decided to keep one of the Blue and whites, so if anyone has suggestions for cetlic names, they are very welcome!! If you would like to see recent pictures of these 3 clowns, just click on my web site
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Beautiful family by the way!

Arden-Catriona-Bevin-Dylan-Gwenhwyfar-Rhian- Seren- Shantella- Sherburn-Tabache
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Sandie, those babies are so cute!!!!!!!
It's got to be hard to give them up, even to a good home.
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Sandie, I just got done looking through your whole website and I'm impressed. You have very beautiful cats and I've never seen a cuter kitten than Moonshadow. He looks like a toy.
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Sandie -

Your kittens are adorable! As for names, my parents call there dog "Murphy". It is kind of generic, but great for nicknames, he has about 15 - including "Murph herder" (who knows where that came from). I also like "Catreena" - you could call her "Cat" .. he he..

check out http://www.kabalarians.com/ and search the baby names by category (it is close to the bottom). The website isn't the easiest to navigate, but there are TONS of names on it.
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There are so many beautiful Celtic names for female kittties. I like Aine (pronounced ahn-ya), Finnuala, Nora, Bronwen (also a late great Canadian poet, Bronwen Wallace), and Siobhann (Sha-vawn).

Your kitties are so beautiful! I will definitely check the site for new photos!
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They're adorable! The cutest age too!

Check out these sites for Celtic cat names:


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Oh how cute!!! You are so lucky!!!!
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Sandie, they are so much bigger from when I last saw them! They are perfect little munchkins and the way you bring up your cats, anyone who gets one of them will be VERY lucky! As for Celtic names, the name Bronwen is a favorite of mine because it is the name of a good friend of mine who rescues animals in Rhode Island and who is a real friend to both cats and dogs!
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I didn't see the babies on the video feed, but the parents are adorable. They do, indeed, look like proud parents! Congrads!
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Hey guys...just thought I would put my babies up here now that they are 3 months old. The 2 blue and whites are Munchkins and we are keeping the one with a speckeled nose..that is Rhiann. We call the one for sale bullet butt because she has a ring around her tail. Then theres my Long legged baby Keegan...what a doll face.

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I am only replying to get this moved up so people can see the babies.
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They're beautiful!!!
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