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Gosh I hate being a clueless grandma...But anyways....
My babies have thier eyes half way open and I can tell they are trying to open them. But the part closest to thier ears isnt opening...how can I help them?
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From memories of years ago they will do fine on there own. I have never tried to force them to open so just be patient.
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You can't help them. Doing so will damage them. Let nature just take it's course, they will be open soon
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How long does it usually take when they are half open to be fully open...I am too anxious for this!!!!!!!!!
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Just calm down. usually 5-14 days they will begin to open their eyes.
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well today Smoky's eyes are almost all the way open....Bear is the one I am worried about..He has one eye totally open and the other one is shut still, why is that? And Casper and Pepper havent opened thier eyes yet.
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AW! Your little ones are precious! About the eyes, the kittens may be developing at different rates, and maybe that's why some have opened and some have not. Just be patient though!!! Soon they will be running around like crazy!
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No way to tell, again do not force the eyes open. They usually open on their own. If they don't a vet has to address the issue not the owner.
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Should I be gently wiping them with water at all?
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The eyes take a while to completely open. From the time the first eye starts to open until the second eye is completely open is usually 48-72 hours. If one eye stays closed more than 24 hours or so after the other is completely opened, gently wipe it with a warm, wet washcloth to see if there are any secretions that need to be softened, but never force an eye open.

Once their eyes have opened, make sure they stay that way. If eyes are stuck shut with secretions, just wipe with a warm washcloth until they open.
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Well here are the first eyes in the new family.

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AWW! How precious!!!
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