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My buddy, Willy

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Since I posted about my current kitties on "New Cats" thought I'd introduce my sweet boy, Willy, here.

Willy was a tuxedo boy, one of the sweetest, most easygoing cats I've ever met. He was about four months old when I got him. He loved everyone he met instantly and especially enjoyed visiting the neighbors in the apartment building where we lived at the time. He wasn't much of lap cat, but always wanted to be where I was and would sit in the window waiting for me to come home at night.

Although I was looking forward to many happy years with my buddy, he died from kidney failure before his 5th birthday. It happened very quickly and the vet wasn't quite sure what would cause kidney failure in a cat so young, unless it's something he was born with. There was little chance for his recovery and it broke my heart to see him suffer, so Willy was put to sleep on March 3, 1999. I'm so glad I was able to be there with them. It's been
six years, but I still think of him often and remember my buddy with lots
of love.
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Eilcon, Sometimes there's never a reason and it's alway's tough when you have to make the choice to end there suffering.
I had a cat that I loved so much 10 yrs ago that everytime I think of him I cry. I still miss him so very much..
You can know that Willy is playing at Rainbow bridge with my Garby and lots of others, I think it says alot that you still think about him and miss him, Bless you
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I'm sure it was devastating for you. I have a tuxedo kitty, almost 13 who I am crazy about and his profile is very similar to your Willy. Willy is watching over you now and everywhere with his very special spirit.
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So sad to lose a sweet fur friend! RIP Willy!
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I'm sorry you lost you special boy so suddenly RIP Willy
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I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your baby.
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