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Most of the boards I'm on are going to be either waaaaay one way or the other, seems like. This one is mostly female, my aquarium board is probably 90% male. A similar thread occurred there and there was some speculation that it was the tech aspect that appealed to the guys. Amazingly, and I'm not quite sure why, the motorcycle board I used to hang out on was probably close to 50/50 despite the fact that rider ratios are probably 90/10 male/female. Not sure why. Cause women are more "chatty?" I think it may have been an idiosyncrasy of that particular board however since the V-Star boards I drop in on from time to time seem to hold to the 90/10 ratio.

What always surprises me is the amount of guys you find on gardening boards. I guess it's just an offshoot of growing that perfect lawn, though .

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Originally Posted by marie-p
Let's see...

- I HATE clothes shopping (or shopping in general)
- Most romantic comedies make me want to barf
- I like to watch baseball
- I never wear makeup
- I wear the same shoes almost all the time
- I don't own a purse
Exact opposite of all of those (except I do watch baseball sometimes), so yeah girliest of the girly girls here.
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Female here too....
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lol As Dr. Ray Guarendi puts it, I'm "Estrogen American"
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Originally Posted by stormy
Oh nonono, don't tell me there are 2 Ryan's!!!

There is only one.... The rest are poorly duplicated and shoddily imitated.
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female here...
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Like others here, I'm a girlie, but not very girlie!

I like rock music, tattoos, cars, sci-fi and computer games, hate shopping and wouldn't be caught dead in a dress (or skirt for that matter!). I own three pairs of shoes (well, boots actually), but can usually be relied upon to be wearing cat boots or DMs. The only pink thing in my flat is a feather toy I bought for the boys!

But, I have two kittens who I absolutely adore, so that has to count someway to making me girlie, right?
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A germ, surrounded by penicillin.

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