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Bully Cat-Please Help!

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Kimba, approx. 16 years old, and Sybil, approx. 4 years old hated each other when they met 2 years ago, however they worked out their differences. Kimba beat up Sybil and now Sybil stays away.

A mother cat, Mamma, gave birth to 2 babies, Patrick & Willie, in my hedges this spring. Willie was adopted by a friend and I kept Patrick and Mamma. I tried the slow introduction through the door and then the gradual meeting with Sybil and Patrick and Mamma. Sybil attacks both of them. Nothing has improved in 3 months. I have them completely separated with Sybil getting run of the house in the day and Patrick and Mamma run of the house in the evening and at night.

My question is, do I continue to introduce them face to face knowing that Sybil wants to kill the poor kitten? Patrick runs and hides from her and Mamma comes out and tries to defend her boy.

Please, any advice guidance is appreciated. I would like to have them all peacefully coexist.
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I would keep up with the gradual introductions. Let them become familiar with each others smells. The next step I would take would be to put Sybil in a carrier and let the others come see her without fear they will get attacked. So the same but in reverse. You can also put the kitten and momma in carriers and feed all of them together. If you do this on a regular basis, then all should work out within a week or two. If Sybil keeps up on trying to be the dominant one, you can try giving her some Dr bachs rescue remedy before the introductions.
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I will try putting Sybil in the carrier tomorrow evening. They had another face to face meeting today that ended with Sybil pouncing on Mamma and stalking Patrick.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Please keep them coming!
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I cannot take credit for this but I think Lotsocats recommends rubbing each cat with a towel and then rubbing the other so that their scents are familiar.
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I put Sybil in the carrier and set her in the kitchen for about an half hour. Patrick came out and sniffed her. I then let Sybil roam free and she tried to attack Patrick. He ran and hid. Mamma came out and Sybil attacked Mamma and it was aweful. Mamma didn't defend herself and Sybil had her pinned before I could separate them.

Do I keep this up? I have 2 terrified cats now and Sybil is in lock-down.
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Well, I would put her in the carrier every day and then seperate them for ahwile. Don't let them meet face to face for at least a few days. You can also try putting food in the carrier for Sybil and then put some food near the carrier for the other 2. Let them eat near each other and have dealings with each other but no contact.
You can also try giving Sybil some Dr. Bachs rescue remedy before the next meeting face to face. It will help to take the edge off a little and maybe she won't be quite as aggressive. Sounds like she is just going to be a little tougher and more stubborn than most.
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Thanks for the encouraging words. Sybil is in solitary right now (our bedroom-not a hardship!) and I will put her in the carrier tomorrow evening again.

Why can't they all just get along?!

What is Dr. Bach's rescue remedy and where can I get some?
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