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Special-T-Travel experience?

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Does anyone here have any experience of going on one of Special-T-Travel's cruises and holidays in Florida? Last year I was stupid enough to allow myself to be sold, over the phone, a discount voucher for a holiday for 4, valid for 18 months. I also got a 'free room in Vegas' voucher. In August, my friend and I used that, and I discovered that once I had paid the 'seasonal supplement' demanded by Specialty (not the hotel who told me there was no such thing) my voucher was worth $4! And instead of being in one of the good hotels as promised, we were in a fleapit off the Strip. I am worried about going on the full Florida leg, with possibly 3 friends, in case it is a disaster. Since then I have discovered that this company sell most of their holidays this way, and I think they are probably rip-off merchants. Does anyone know, and if I go are there things I should demand in writing beforehand?
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I don't have any experience with this, Jenny. I've always figured if it's too good to be true, it very likely is. If you were to learn that this is a reputable company that offers quality cruise, you would least have the experience of the cruise, but you just don't want to go way in the hole financially in the meantime! I wonder if you could ask if there are any "hidden" charges, what your accomodations will be, what all is included in your package (meals, beverages...) and things of the sort? Hope you'll let us know what you find out! You'll make the best decision.
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Sounds fishy. Perhaps, like Stephanie mentioned, if you could figure out the accommadations you could let us know. There are quite a few Floridian TCSers who would be more than happy to give you our personal knowledge of wherever it is you will be staying. Let us know if you can figure it out!!
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doesn't sound promising. Why dont' you book with a travel agent? My parents love traveling and do it a few times a year, and they will book with their agent and usually get amazing rates, discounts on car rentals, great hotels and discount vouchers
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i worked for the company as a telemarketer
i know from experience that they do indeed sell second rate vacations
i also know from experience that since you have used part of your vacation package there is no way to recieve a refund
the only thing is either give it away, sell it or pay extra for upgrades
i joined this forum for the sole reason of letting you know about this scam
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