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Baker vibes please?!

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So tomorrow is another day that Baker will be stressed beyond his belief and will be a long recovery for the both of us. Lots of hiding behind toilets and sad little mews.

Baker is going in for his teeth/ear cleaning at 8 AM

We both hate vet trips as they are "wrong" to Baker (he is a special needs guy) so all I ask is that you keep him in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow that this is easier than we expect!

Thank you all!

Baker (and his Meowmy Ash)
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Ash, I've been praying for Baker since you told me of his upcoming appt. Your sweet little boy is going to sail right through his procedures and have a swift recovery! You're a wonderful Mommy, and I know you can maintain a feeling of peace about this! It's difficult to do, believe me, I know, but it's so important because if you're upset, Baker will be upset!
Precious Baker, you're such a brave little boy, and you're going to to great at your appt! Your sweetheart Sierra sends you lots of and I send you and your Mommy a great big snuggly hug! Please let us know the moment you hear from his Vet tomorrow, Ash, you'll both be on my mind and in my prayers all day long!
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Thank you so much Steph As I have said to you, knowing you are thinking of us makes it so much more bearable.
I promise I will let you know of the outcome as soon as I can

Baker thanks you Aunty Steph, and his love Sierra

Lots of love from me too,
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Patches and Tiger and I will have our fingers and paws crossed for a smooth doctors appointment and recovery for our nephew/friend Baker... I will also keep him in my thoughts and prayers as I go through the day today.. Also hugs for mama Ashley too!!
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Thank you Sandra!
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Awww Ash i know what i'm like when i take Rosie and Sophie for a yearly checkup!.

My stomachs churning like i was at the doctors myself and i feel it for them because they look stressed by it all

Sending (((((mega stress free vibes))))) for both you and Baker and hope he's back home quickly!
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Thanks Susan

Its just so hard when he has no idea of what I am doing to him, and the look he gives me when I hand him over ALWAYS crushes my heart I have to sit in the parking lot crying for a while just so I can make my way home

The vet has promised to "do him" first so he isn't sitting in a kennel terrified.

Thanks everyone, I just hate doing this to him, after the stress he has been through lately given that he can't handle stress as it is~
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We will keep you in our thoughts, Ashley and Baker!

Sending lots of }}}VIBES{{{ your way that the appointment is as stress free as possible and calm vibes to you both!

Tibby: Baker, mate! Don't tell anyone, but I get stressed too (sometimes I can't control things) I'll take you out for a pint when you get back! Keep your chin up mate!

Molly: Take care Baker and remember to think of your lovely Meowmy while you are there, she'll probably be more worried than you!
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Lots of good vibes going to Baker from me and the gang.
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I hope the visit goes smoothly and you and Baker feel the least amount of stress possible!!!
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Sending many good vibes to Baker!
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Good luck with Baker's vet visit tomorrow
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Sending vibes Baker's way! I'm sorry he is so stressed.
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I hope it all went well - love to Baker from my three!
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We've all got our paws crossed here for ya
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Good vibes to you both, I think it bothers us more then them though
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Ashley, sending really strong vibes and big hugs to you and Baker....the little guy has been through a bit of turbulence lately.....he will do fine. I am smothering him with love and kisses from below the border!
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aww baker get well soon!
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Thanks everyone! He is at the vets right now. I will call around 1:30 PM to see how he is and hopefully pick him up around 4 PM (Its 10:45AM right now)

I miss my little guy already

Thanks everyone! It really means a lot to me
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Originally Posted by ash_bct
Thanks everyone! He is at the vets right now. I will call around 1:30 PM to see how he is and hopefully pick him up around 4 PM (Its 10:45AM right now)

I miss my little guy already

Thanks everyone! It really means a lot to me
how is he? did you call yet?
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Just now seeing this thread, but I certainly hope Baker pulled through everything with flying colors! Hugs from me and the girls!
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Sending (((((((good vibes))))))) dear ashley..........
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My Bakker is sending vibes to your Bakker. He travels well to the vet and will help your Baker!!! The are buddies in spirit as they even look alike!!!
Hope the vet trip went well.
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You'll be picking Baker up any time now, Ashley! Sierra and I sure are looking forward t hearing how he's feeling and how happy he is to get home to his Mommy!
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HAven't been in the lounge much, and totally missed this until now. Ash and Baker Hope everything has gone well, and you're back together and feeling more calm.
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Baker is home!

He is still quite groggy and is sleeping in the bathroom with everything set up for him. No food yet but maybe later!

My little guy is an odd one thats for sure! He has extra teeth They will need to be removed in the future and for that we have to go to Calgary to a "Cat Dentist" LOL I will post more about that in Care and Grooming in a few minutes.

Thank you all for thinking of my sweet boy! We both appreciate it a whole bunch
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Baker's home! Yippee, what a relief!Baker, you're just such a brave little boy, Sierra and I are so very proud of you! We've always known you're a special baby, and now extra teeth, too! You're just so precious, Baker!
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YAY!! Bakers home.... What a brave boy you are Baker!!
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Glad he's home.
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Great news Ash! I'm looking forward to a morning update!!
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