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cat twitching

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my cat is twitching her ears and her body and i don't know why. I'm scared . just took her to vet today and she didn't twitch when he was checking her. but tonight, she's nonstop twitching and she's also licking herself alot. no idea what's going on. please help.
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Did she have any shots or new medications?
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she just finished yesterday, 2 weeks of antibiotics but had no twitching until this afternoon. It's really bad right now.
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If this was Sierra, I would already be at the Emergency Vet!
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Yes for emergency vet!

Something is obviously wrong and your kitty needs to be seen by a vet!
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Your cat could be having some type of reaction to the meds. Twitching like that is usually neurological or having to do with the central nervous system. They could be mini-seizures, which really mess with the brain. I'd get her to the Vet -- maybe a different vet and tell them what goes on. Also that licking thing sounds like seizures, too. I hear cats do that after having a seizure, sort of like how a human will walk aimlessly and pick at things after having one!

Good Luck.
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vets now! take her as many times as necessary until she does it in front of a vet.

good luck!
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Yes, sounds like seizures to me, too... you really need to take her to the vet.
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One sign of medicine allergies is hives and itching. If the allergies are severe enough it can be life threatening. If she is itching she will be twitching. Is it obvious that she is very uncomfortable? And also, some allergies don't show up until weeks after you start a new medicine.

Call your vet right away and try to get her in. Some cats will hide illnesses in front of a vet and she may not twitch once there. If this is an allergic reaction, he can give her meds to counter the effects.
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How is she doing? Hugs to you & her!
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