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I own the most ungraceful cats in the universe....

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::hangs head::

Ho Ho just fell off the desk........ Again. I'm not sure how he does it, but his back feet go over the ledge, and it looks like someone is pouring molasses on the floor... He's slowly crawling up the side of the chair at the moment, and I'm trying not to giggle. He's also known for taking tumbles off the coffee table - and he doesn't land on his feet. One other thing is that he has trouble getting onto my bed, and will hand horizontally on the edge, like "I meant to do that!"

Merlin has slid off the desk many times, too..... On of my favorite clumsy moves of his is when he went to jump the 1 foot gap from the chair to the bed, and just fell right in the middle. I actually asked the vet if something was wrong with him after that accident. (Man, I wish I had had a video camera!) He also has trouble walking along the top of the chair, and starts sliding down the back and onto me. He always has this look of "Nothing's wrong. You can't see me."

Hans has been known to trip over his front feet when it's feeding time... sigh.

L.S. throws himself down onto the edge of the couch cushion... and falls right over the side with this little "Mew!" He does this almost every night.

I mean, I can understand a cat having an "off" day once in a while, but these guys are doing it every day!

Anyone else have terribly clumsy cats!
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I used to have a beautiful black longhaired cat that used to like to sleep on top of the tv, he feel off almost everytime he got up there lol
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My cats are all pretty graceful except for one. Snickers is the oldest but even back when he was a young guy, he'd still run into walls and fall off of stuff. He's VERY laid back and he also has a vision problem, which has gotten much worse as he ages.

I think that's why he runs into walls, but still, it's funny and we have to laugh. He likes to make eye contact with us humans, he will keep his eyes fixated on mine and keep walking beside me as I talk to him. Well if something is in his path (a chair, a wall, a box, another cat) he will just walk right into it! And he shakes his head & runs off like he "meant to do that".

He'll be sitting on his cushion in the kitchen, so very relaxed, arms hanging off, and just sort of roll onto the floor & roll around. He's a funny boy and definitely NOT graceful!!! But lovely nonetheless.
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That would be Gandalf, he'll curl up in my lap and then stretch out and fall off if I don't catch him. He doesn't seem to realize that my lap isn't that big. He has also fallen into the bathtub when it's full of bath water. It startles him then he hops out and shakes himself off. He's so funny to watch though.
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you know, come to think of it, i've never seen Marsh fall off anything. he's really an acrobat
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My friend's cat Mojo (looks just like Marsh btw with 2 toned eyes and normal paws) does the massive butt wiggle to prepare himself for a 1 foot jump. He usually makes it but sometimes can't make the leap and misses the landing.

My Dakota is the clutz in the house. He flings himself on his back next to me for tummy scritches and gets so into it that he has fallen off the sofa (if I don't catch him in time). One time he was sleeping on top of Spike (dog) on the sofa and when Spike fell off (Spike falls off daily and is more clutzy than Dakota), Dakota fell with him. They both gave me the "what? I meant to do that" look.
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Hahaha...these stories are so funny! My cats do pretty well, though once in a while Eva jumps and doesn't quite make it. Usually, she tries to jump up on the bed and
a) doesn't see that there's a pillow in the way, making her landing surface higher than she thought;
b) doesn't realize that what looks like the "edge" is actually the covers bunched up, so there's nothing solid when she lands.
I think it's because she's just so small, she usually can't see where she's jumping!

A few weeks ago, Ziv was sleeping next to me, in a place where Eva often comes to visit. Eva came over for her usual midnight cuddles, and jumped up to her spot--not realizing that Ziv was there! They both immediately went straight up in the air, just like you see in cartoons--legs out, tails huge, etc. I was half asleep, but after I gathered my wits about me, I was laughing hysterically. Of course, the bf wasn't too happy about being awoken, especially because he couldn't share in the fun.
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All these stories made me laugh out loud!
Villy is usually very agile and accurate but she does have a couple of things:
When she's having her belly rubbed on the bed she gets too into it, squirming and wriggling, and ends up rolling off the bed! (If I don't get to catch her first!) When she lands she runs away and looks cross like I pushed her!
Or, when we're playing with her favourite toy (a long piece of ribbon!) she gets too into the jumping around and rolling and just plain runs out of bed and dissapears off the edge!
She's such a funny girl
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Ha ha ha sounds like Sammy! When he was a baby, he was SO clumsy! My mom said he had no idea that he had a back end (which appeared to be true). He would walk along the edge of something (like the bathtub), but suddenly, his hind legs would step off and he'd look SO SURPRISED as he slid into the tub or off the back of the couch LOL.
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Milo is my clumsy kitty. He's always clunking his head on the edge of the walls and doors when he gets going!
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laughing! Kaya falls off everything I feel horrible for laughing at him because I know he is capable of feeling embarresed.Sometimes he looks at me like I made it happen or could've stopped it.He's so sensitive! Then I have to remind him that his tail is crooked,and he's just off balance!
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Max was in the front window on a pillow (has a window seat) and he was watching a bird outside fly, the bird flew over the house directly in front of him - he was following it with his eyes so intently, he flung his head back to watch, and he and the pillow fell off backwards. He also gave me that look " I meant to do that!"
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These are so funny!Whenever Sierra has an ungraceful moment such as this, quite out of character for her usual elegant self, she'll immediately start grooming or sit up prim and proper. I'm always sad for her when this happens and concerned about her self esteem, so as soon as I see she's ok, I'll quickly look away. I didn't see a thing!
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I have one that is barley startn to get balance. Piccolo for the longest was the worst jumper, climber in the house. He would try to jump up about 3 feet to get in the bathroom closet but instead of jumping he would think about it, motion to got for it and stop, get closer, and after about 10 minutes he would finally jump or give up. He was always short on jumping and never could jump while running in full speed, he has masterd it now.

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