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So, since Sammy is polydactyl I regularly trim his claws. He's very good about it. Lola is NOT. So, I don't do her's quite as often (not polydactyl). The thing about Lola is that her nails are kind of short...they curve sort of close to her paw (not towards it though, and I check regularly, don't worry about them growing into the pad) and are very slow growing....basically, they look sort of miniture, especially in comparison to Sammy's. This is probably because she's so tiny (7 months old and she still looks like a kitten). They're not extremely out of proportion or anything. But here's the weird thing....they look like they're all cuticle...not pink cuticle, more of a brown. This is something that has ALWAYS been, not something new. I guess it could just be the colouration of her nails. The vet has seen it and has clipped her nails shorter than I have the guts to, and Lola was fine, so it can't really be all cuticle. The issue, however, is that after the last trimming, one hind nail split right down the middle. The split was fairly near to the tip and I've clipped off what I could (short as her nails are, and dark coloured, I'd rather not risk cutting the cuticle if the split isn't growing and isn't causing pain) as per the info I've found on the site. I've also checked on the nail regularly and it isn't causing her any pain. There is only the slightest indication that there was a split. Is this something I should worry about? If this is because her nails are so...weird....then I don't want to risk a bad split and possible there a way to prevent this?