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need info quickly....

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I am new to the site, I have two male cats, both rescue. Never have one before, my daughter and I fell in love with them. I also feed about 5 strays this one stays in my patio. We took her in due to bad weather, and now it seems she might have babies, I do not have the money to take her to the vet just wondering if someone could help me, with what sighs to look for.
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I understand you are asking about signs that this cat is pregnant...however, there are many groups that will provide low cost if not free spaying:

Texas state Animal Friendly Account
Contact the Fund for Animals 713-862-3863 for information about low cost spay/neuter available through the state's animal friendly car license plate fund.
Animal Defense League
11300 Nacogdoches Road
San Antonio, TX 78217
Free spay/neuter for pets of low-income people.

Spay Neuter Your Pet (SNYP)
PO Box 29435
Dallas, TX 75229
Discount certificates for pet spay/neuter in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Luv A Pet S/N CLinic South Oak Cliff Dallas TX

HSUS Spay - Neuter Clinic/Animal Wellness Center
4830 Village Fair Drive
Dallas, TX
SPCA of Texas
Martin Spay/Neuter Clinic
Dallas, TX
214-651-9611 ext 116 or 133
Low cost spay/neuter. Also, for pets of qualified low income people, there are low cost veterinary services.

Brown County Humane Society
Brownwood TX 76801
Has a drawing to provide very low cost spay or neuter for 15 animals per month.

Animal Birth Control Clinic
Animal Aid Humane Society
1531 Wooded Acres Drive
Waco, TX 76710

Waco Humane Society
Waco, TX
254-399-9883 or 254-754-1454
Low cost or free spay/neuter for low income.

Fund for Animals
Spay/Neuter Clinic
1603 Shepherd Drive
Houston, TX

Humane Society of Southeast Texas
2050 Spindletop Rd
Beaumont TX 77705
Spay/neuter assistance certificates offered to all who want to spay/neuter a dog or cat. Certificates for low cost s/n for feral cats also available.

Life Force Operation Spay
PMB 671
148 South Dowlen Road
Beaumont, TX 77707
"We welcome all low income, elderly folks and anyone not being able to afford the full price" of spay/neuter of pets.

Williamson County Humane Society
Cedar Park/Leander TX

Animana Birth Control Vet Center
Houston TX

Animal Trustees of Austin
5129 Cameron Road
Austin, TX 78723
Low cost spay/neuter and vaccinations.

Emancipet mobile clinic
Austin TX

713 Animals
Houston TX
Web: www.713animals.org

Homeless Pet Placement League
PO Box 273027
Houston, TX 77277
Free spay/neuter for pets of qualified low income people.

Houston Humane Society S/N Clinic
14700 Almeda Road
Houston, TX 77053

Houston SPCA
900 Portway Drive
Houston, TX
713-869-7722 ext 136
Free spay/neuter and vaccinations for qualified low income.

Spay/Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP)
Mobile clinic
PO Box 440304
Houston, TX 77244
Mobile clinic goes to low income neighborhoods and provides free spay/neuter and vaccinations to pets for qualified low income.

Long Drive Dog & Cat Hospital
Houston TX

Spay/Neuter Assictance Program II (SNAP II) - See above
San Antonio, TX

Humane Society of North Texas
1840 East Lancaster
Fort Worth, TX 76103
Low cost spay/neuter for qualified low income.

North Texas Spay Neuter Coalition
Decatur, TX
Email ntsnc@yahoo.com

Denton Low Cost Pet Sterilization and Vaccination Program
Denton, TX

If you contact these groups and tell them about your situation..they may be able to cover the fee and then you wouldn't have to worry about her being pregnant or becoming pregnant.

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Is she having kittens right now? Or do you think the birth is going to happen tonight? There is a wonderful reference here:


This site has loads of really good information - if delivery isn't happening right this moment, then take a few minutes to read the information on that site. It may help you to determine what steps to take next for your girl.

Best of luck,

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The most humane thing to do is try to get her to a free spay operation. (IMO)

If she is pregnant -- and far along in her pregnancy -- her nipples will be visibly accentuated. A pregnancy last about ~65 days and I believe the nipples become noticeable around the 40 day mark. If cat is pregnant and somewhere between 40-65 days, then get ready for the pregnancy...see above link from gayef.
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I see a free list of vets that do free spaying..How do i find something in my area?
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Go here:


Animal Friends Humane Society
Prevent A Litter (PAL)
Rapid City SD
Depending on the funds they receive through fund raising, provides assistance for s/n of pets of people with financial need.
Friends of Twin City Animal Shelter
Lead, SD
Call the shelter for the phone numbers of the Friends of Twin City Animal Shelter. Depending on the funds they collect from fund raising, the Friends group provides assistance for spay/neuter of ferals and for s/n of pets of people with financial need.
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Thanks for that info. But thoes are located like 4 hours away from me.
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Originally Posted by momof6Mews
Thanks for that info. But thoes are located like 4 hours away from me.
Try to give a call and ask them to suggest a solution. They probably have a list of individual vets in their network or whatever. Good luck!
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Originally Posted by momof6Mews
Thanks for that info. But thoes are located like 4 hours away from me.
I would recommend calling your local shelter and asking for information on low-cost spay/neuter in your area. Most shelters have this information. Then call the clinic directly and ask them if they will spay a visibly pregnant cat.

If all else fails, the 4 hour drive would be well worth it, especially to get all 5 cats fixed at once. Their lives will be so much better for it, and obviously it will be much more convenient for you not to have kittens born under your porch every year!
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