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Sundance is home

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well he is finally here in the fur after his flight & driving hours he is home. He has adjusted to all this (leaving his mom and sisters and travel) quite well, walks around like he has always been here. Linx isn't as upset as Mischka. Now Linx can't walk by her with out her hissing and she is not very happy with me either. Linx has gone to the door and smelled him. Where as she won't go near the back room. The joys of a new addition. here is Sundance playing with one of the many new things around

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Aaaww....what a sweetie!!! Hopefully Linx and Mischka will get used to their new brother soon!
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What a cutie pie!!!
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OMG what a cutie!! My first fur-love was a ginger tomkitty. Sundance looks just like him.
Hope he's settling in well!!!
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Congrats on your new handsome kitten! He is so cute!
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Awww, he is so cute, I think you need to update your siggy!
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Very cute.
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He's sooo pretty!!! I'm sure all of your beautiful babies will be living in harmony before you know it. Getting a new addition is exhausting when you're trying to make everyone feel safe and loved but it is definitely worth it!
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that is too cute!
how far did he travel?
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Yes, where did he travel from??
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He is from So.Cal. and I am in No. Cal. Flight and driving I would say5-6 hours total pretty stressful but he is a trooper! He is so good sleeps thru the night, no accidents and eats like a horse! Things here are the same so far, he has his vet visit soon and then I will let him out into the rest of the place to explore and try one-on-one intros tonight. I just wanted to get this in quick before we left to show off my new sig! a GIANT!!!! thanks to Cirque another very happy customer and so quick!!!!
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All your cats are just darling!!
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