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Help Lumps!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We noticed a lump on william last week but as he had just had an injection in the same site,we just decided to keep an eye on it.

now we have found a larger lump on his chest going up to his neck,rang vet but cannot see her until 4.50 tomorrow,

very upset and worried anyone been in this situation before?

thanks kerry
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I am sorry to hear about William - never had that kind of experience. Here in the states we have emergency vets and also 24/7 animal hospitals. Do you have someting like this in the UK were you can go with him?
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Don't panic just yet - it can be all sorts of things.

As for the lump where he had the injection - is it still there? If so, ask the vet to check for vaccine related sarcoma. I don't want to scare you - it is extremely rare and happens only in one of 2500 shots, but if there is a lump that stays for more than a week or two it should be checked.

Let us know what the vet said!
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One of my cats is sensitive to shots...it can take up to a month for a shot-lump to go away in her. The lumps generally disappear within a day or two for the rest of my cats. But...years ago my husband's cat developed an injection sarcoma which was untreatable, so you do need to have the vet check as soon as possible just to be on the safe side.

Let us know what the vet finds.
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thank you for your help,william has seen the vet and the one on the back of his neck was a reaction to the injection apparently the batch of injections given have made a lot of animals react the same as william and they are getting in touch with the company who makes the drugs.

the second larger lump on his chest,we could see when shaved a little
was an absess,the vet got a lot of puss out of it and he is now on penicillin,and seems alot happier,we have to take him back next week,just to check it,

so panic over thanks again for being there everyone
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OH what wonderful news - his furangle was looking out for him!!!
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