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Need Persian help please!!!!

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I"m with a cat rescue, and yesterday we got a dumped Persian (we get purebreds quite often)

His name is Simon and he is 4. I was shocked at his snorting and wheezing, and I have never seen or dealt with a cat with so little nose! However I did hear soon that this was normal. He is also very matted but is going to a groomer next week. He is UTD on shots and very healthy.

What I need to know is how to take care of his eyes and the folds on his face? Do I need something special to clean his eyes with? I noticed they were crusty a bit so wiped them with a moistened cottonball. Some red stuff came off. Is this normal?

He is very loving and affectionate, BTW. If anyone wants a red loverboy, please contact us! luckyrescue@hotmail.com We're in QC, near Montreal

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Oh my he is a doll! He looks just like my Jake (before he got so sick. I've since pretty much brought him back from the dead!) The snorting and wheezing is pretty normal for a cat with such an extreme peke face. He may need some anti histamines and could be he'll need them all his life. Make sure they check him for sinus infection. Little guys like these have chronic sinus infections. In the least, it takes a dedicated person to care for them because they are a little higher maintenance. My little guy is the same.

As far as the eyes you can just wash them with a warm, wet wash cloth. I take a Qtip to get in the creases on either side of his nose and above. You can use a boric acid/DI water mix if you want. That will clean around the eyes and in the folds a little better. That's what I use. Yes, it is normal for them to have tear staining. If they are getting extremely crusty then you may want to have him checked for eye infection or just put him on some profilactic triple antibiotic eye salve. I find putting saline eye drops in their eyes a couple times a week helps. OMG I just love that little face! Wish you weren't so far away!
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Oh thanks! I'm fostering this guy myself and panicked a bit! We've had Persians before, but none with this extreme "peke face" as you call it. (makes sense!)

Simon is very sad and unhappy at losing the only home he knew and has not really eaten since I got him yesterday afternoon so I'm very concerned about that too. Other than that, he has calmed down and is the biggest love sponge you can imagine. He would happily sit and be cuddled and petted all day, poor baby.

Do you often see cats with such extreme faces? Yes, I'll make sure whoever adopts him knows the breed and understands how much maintenence they require. His owner let his hair mat all winter and shaved him every summer. I do not find this acceptable.
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Jake is the same way. I've always called him my big red lover boy! Also call him my Buddy Boy. He is the sweetest cat I've ever known. There are quite a few of the extreme peke faced persians. Actually it seems it is almost preferred when showing. I don't agree with that. I have two other persians whose faces aren't quite as peke and they don't have the problems Jake does. He recently got really sick and I almost lost him. Here's a link to the thread telling about that along with pictures. Jake-Very sick And then here is a picture of him before he got sick.

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Oh my! What an ordeal you both went through. I know how heartbreaking and frustrating it is dealing with something like that. So glad Jake is feeling better - he really could be Simon's twin brother!

No I do not agree with any animals being bred to such extreme forms that their basic functions are interferred with.

I wish you were closer too! You are just the kind of home my boy needs!

I was very sad to hear that Simon's owner gave away her other cat - a Silver Persian - for free before she knew about contacting us. I just hope he's being cared for.
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Good news!! Simon has been adopted by the best possible person for him - his groomer!
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OMG that is wonderful! That groomer is very lucy to have Simon!
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I just have to say that Simon is the first purebred Persian I've ever been around, and he changed my opinion on this breed!

Even though I was taken aback when I first lifted him from his carrier at my house and saw his face and heard his snorting, in just 4 days I completely fell for his gentle, funny, affectionate and SMART little personality and it was hard to let him go!
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Next time you get an extremely extreme faced Persian run to the store and get some Little Noses, give him a small squirt, wait just a minute and then the cat should sneeze, wipe up the gunk with a tissue then give the cat another squirt, then the cat will be good to go and will be able to eat its food. I had to do that with starlight so many times because of his extreme face- that thread is in SOS Oh God this poor kitty- you can see pics of how extreme he was.

Good job on getting this cat rehomed!
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Thanks. Is there any site I can go to and find tips on caring for Persians that I could copy and give to adopters? I tried to go to the grooming tips on mzjazz2u's site, but the URL was "not found."

We probably get more Persians than any other purebreds,(although none as extreme as Simon) and I want them to go to people who are willing to learn how to care for them properly and I think a tip sheet would be great!

Simon did sound like he was "blowing bubbles", but I was afraid to try and wipe it - he has literally no nose at all!

ETA: Hissy, I meant to just glance at Starlight's story, but got so engrossed I read the whole thing. I cannot imagine a Persian surviving outside for long. What an indomitable spirit that little guy has! He has truly gone from rags to riches thanks to your big heart. His sage touched me deeply, as I'm sure it did everyone else. He has turned into a beauty and seems to be much loved. I love happy endings.
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That's weird my grooming page isn't working. It should be. Let me look into it. Meantime, keep checking because maybe the server is just down temporarily. This is the first time since I've been with this web host that I've had any trouble! What's really weird is that my home page comes up.
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I've sent a complaint to my web server. I should hear from them sometime today on what the problem is and/or it should be fixed. Sorry about that. I'm glad you said something though! I hadn't checked all the pages in a while. I guess I've been too busy taking care of Jake and hadn't noticed!
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All the pages on my website are now up and running! I'm going to be updating them with some new info too. Anyway.... my web hosting service had changed my server address and all pages except for the front, or home page, were pointing to the old address. All fixed!
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Good to hear he has been adopted!
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