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Worm Question (before I call the vet and sound more like a paranoid mom!)

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I've read some descriptions of worms but still have a question. Can the evidence of tapeworms look like very flat sesame seeds (but sort of translucent with a touch of pink/red) instead of the usual description of a grain of rice?? The thing I found near the cat's butt was sort of fatter on one end like a sesame seed.
Kitty currently (as of yesterday) has loose stools (the third time in the month that I've had him) so I've taken to checking his behind to make sure there's not a big mess back there. This is the first time I've noticed anything odd there. Today I found the seed thing on the base (underside) of his tail. Yesterday, I noticed a very small spot of sort of mucous looking stuff (mostly translucent with some red). on his fur near his butt. I haven't noticed anything in his stools.
The cat has had a voracious appetite ever since I got him (as a stray).
He was given Strongid when he was first taken to a vet (by the person who first took the cat in).
When I took the cat to the vet, I mentioned that the cat had had diarrhea a couple of times and that his appetite seemed rather large. The vet said since the diarrhea cleared up that it was probably nothing and that the cat was probably just starving from being a stray.
So, before I call the vet yet again I was wondering if this stuff sounded familiar to you experienced cat owners out there. For all I know, the cat could just be sitting in weird stuff while I'm away .
Kitty still needs his second distemper shot so I'm going back to the vet anyhow but I guess I'm looking for some ammunition to justify a call to the vet for a special visit. To tell you the truth, I think I'm going to look for another vet after the shots are complete 'cause this guy makes me feel kind of dumb when I ask questions about the cat .
Anyhow, besides the bowel movement issues, the cat seems happy and active. Hmm...do I have anything to be concerned about if he does have worms? He likes to sleep right near my head and poke at my face with his paws when he wants attention . And, I don't think I could cuddle his face any closer to mine (but he's so cute...).
Thanks for your help!
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Those definitely sound like tape worms to me, especially if they are found near her butt. It could be that your cat sat on them, causing them to be flat. The red stuff could be blood Just to be on the safe side, I'd give your vet a call. He might need another dose or two of Strongid.

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It is tapeworms and they only come from ingesting fleas. The blood in the stool is a sign of worms as well. Strongid does not rid the intestines of tape worms and only the vet can give the medication to you. I would set up an appt ASAP. I would bring in a stool sample and have them check for coccidia as well.
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Thanks for the responses. As a neurotic mother, I decided to call the vet without waiting for a reply (so impatient, I know!). I just went with the idea that the cat had tapeworms. The vet agreed and gave him one dewormer shot...with another shot to come in 3 weeks. I took a stool sample in but the vet said he wouldn't do any testing now. He said to worry about other problems if the cat didn't show signs of improvement. Again, perhaps this is another reason to try another vet...

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