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Russian Blue: PIcture from last litter

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Here is a picture of a Russian Blue from her last litter....... Can you tell if it is an actual Russian Blue?
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Honestly, it would be hard to say for sure without seeing it in person. You need to feel the coat and go over the standards set by the assoiciations. Tigger..Dont you find it a little strange that this picture was taken while he or she is on the floor crouched..it looks like someone is holding a cloth up that she was hiding under.
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Go look at this link...and see what you think

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I talkked to the breeder tonight. I asked her if the kittens are full-blood Russian Blues and she said yes. I also mentioned the price & how I saw on some catteries that they were going for quite a bit more. She knew about that, but it's because she doesn't have the papers on them.

The picture that I linked, I guess he was in the closet hiding.

So, what are your opinions? I can't tell just because usually on the CIFA, those cats are champions, etc. I can't tell either.
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Okay, you asked for my oppinion, so here I go. Let me say first that as a breeder, the whole point is to better the breed and make sure they are healthy, stable and happy.
If you really plan to pay money for these kittens, you need to understand they are not going to be quality cats. Any breeder who sells them without papers, knows they are not quality kittens. If you are truley looking for a pure breed, call some well known breeders and ask how much the PET quality ones are. I would have to say this woman is not a breeder nor does she have interest in the cats. It sounds like she is trying to make a quick buck!! There isnt a good breeder out there that would let a kitten go that early!
Point being...the pictures are of cats who meet the standard. It takes less than you think to be a champion cat. ANY pure breed cat should meet the standard set for it. If it has slight flaws, it just means it would not be good for a breeding program. If you have your heart set on these little ones, please by all means, take them out of what I think is a crappy home. They would be better off with someone who truly loves them. It is not going to matter weather or not they are Russian Blue cats because you do not have any papers or registrations. Do what you feel is right for you..
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Thank you for your opinions on this issue! I do appreciate it! She sent me a pic of the father & he does look like one...... it's a more clear picture. Really, it doesn't matter to me if they are purbred. I already have my purebred Bengal. We mainly wanted a kitten for Tigger (lonely). I could certainly understand your position on breeding & value your opinions!!

What kind of cats do you breed?

BTW, I am just curious when anyone breeds: Take for example: Bengals cost $500+. When I bought Tigger from the breeder, she took me over to another breeder who had just had a litter of 6-12 (2 separate mothers). She was selling them for $500!! So that equal way over $3000! Just out of curiosity..... when people breed do they have to claim that in taxes at the end of the year!??


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Well, from what I understand, I think it has to do with the State regulation and weather you make enough to be classified as a buisness.
I breed Munchkins. You can find a few pictures of them and descriptions on my web site linked to my signature. I do not make a big profit when I sell my kittens. The price pretty much covers vet bills, food and litter. I keep my kittens to at least 10 weeks and usually for 12. All my kittens come with their Rabies and distempers if they are 12 weeks, I also take them to the vet for a health certificate. The cost of doing this adds up. Most reliable breeders will tell you, theres not much money in it. It is really to better the breed and the love for the cats.
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Your cats are cute....... especially the kittens!!
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Sorry for jumping in but I have never heard of a breeder that gets rich from breeding. Good breeders put so much into the cats, in terms of health bills, quality food, furniture, insurance, cat shows expenses and so on that when they charge 500$ for a kitten they barely break even. Not to mention such catastrophirs as an outbreak of FIP or some other disease which can ruin the whole thing and cause major losses.

Also a good breeder needs to know quite a lot about the breed's genetics. Improper inbreeding and such can cause serious defects in kittens - some of them only show up years later, when the cats have already been used for the breeding program.

All in all, that's why this breeder sounds so fishy. If she sells them for the price, I don't see how she could have raised them with all the necessary care. For example, was the mother tested for FeLV and FIV? Did she get her booster shots on time, before the mating? Did she get the quality food she needs during pregnancy? If she did all these things, how could they possibly be sold for this price?

Just my 2 cents.
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Hey Tigger,

Here's my two cents. That cat looks terrified! You can see it in her eyes.
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Hi guys,

I moved this thread to this forum because it has more to do with breeding than anything else. If I'm wrong, move it again and slap me with a rubber hose!

BTW Tigger, I would also suggest you look into the Korat breed. It is VERY similar to the Russian Blue only the eyes turn green by the time they're 3 years. The picture you showed me looked alot like the Korat I used to have, Tucker. What do you think, Sandie?
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The Korat and Russian Blue are pretty close when compared. The Russian Blue also HAS to have green eyes or it is not a Russian. The only real difference I have noted is the body is a little different and the coat on the Russian is a little more dense.
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