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Newbie needs to vent!

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Thanks to all for such a warm welcome. Will post pics of my babies soon!

Now to the venting. (Will try to keep it short!) I've long been aware of the problem of pet overpopulation and how irresponsible, and cruel, people can be regarding their pets. After six months working with a local rescue group it's really hitting hope. We're not a shelter, but a network of foster homes that do a lot of TNR, socializing feral kittens, finding homes for abandoned, tame adults. We've had a lot of cases that leave me feeling angry, sad and relieved that we've gotten involved. Lily, a beautiful solid black little girl, barely a year old, very sweet, obviously somebody's pet, already on her second litter of kittens. We'll get her fixed and be sure all of them get good homes. Then there's Alex, a handsome longhaired tabby. His owner died and the family put him on the streets to fend for himself. We rescued him last week. Poor guy's all beat up, but still so sweet. Then there's Baby Girl, Tigy and Puddles. Their owner lost his job and dumped the cats on his grandmother, who couldn't care for them. Another family member was threatening to put them to sleep. None of them had been fixed. We stepped in and remedied that. Baby Girl, who's pregnant, is in foster care. Tigy and Puddles went to a great local no-kill shelter.

These cats will have happy endings, but I can't help thinking they shouldn't
have been put in such sad, desparate cirumstances in the first place. What kind of person think it's acceptable to abandon a helpless animal?

Sorry, I'm just feeling frustrated right now. I know we need to focus on the cats we can save and take satisfication in that. Meanwhile, I'm going go home soon and snuggle with my babies and be glad that they are safe and loved.

Thanks for listening.
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First of all, WELCOME TO TCS!
I think most of us feel the same way you do. It just breaks my heart to see a cat neglected. As far as what kind of person would abandon a helpless animal...well, here at TCS, we're not allowed to use the kind of language I would use to describe them. Thanks for helping the kitties!
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I hear ya...many people don't realize of the animal neglect that takes place unless a big news story breaks on tv. How people can be cruel to animals is beyond me but when you look at society there is abuse on children, women, etc along with animals everyday. It just makes me sick. I've always had it in for bullys and abusive people and will continue to do whatever I can to help even though it feels like a losing cause sometimes. I got my 2 cats from a shelter and will always get my pets from a shelter.
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You're certainly among friends who share your feelings in this matter! God bless you for all you're doing for these precious babies!
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It is so very hard to understand how anyone can be so cruel. For the life of me I will never understand the mind of someone who would just drop off an animal and think it will do well. Grrrrrrrr! Marcellus and Wallace are from the Humane Society and my newest, Lewis was abandoned on the street with his Momma and sister. Thank goodness a friend of mine found them. She adopted the Momma and the sister and I adopted my little Lewis, so all 3 are well loved and cared for. I shudder to think what would have happened had they not been found. It was a very busy street and it was cold and rainy when they were found; with worms, ear mites and all. Our dog of 12 years was brought into the vet clinic at two DAYS old to be put down because the owners didn't want the litter.....BIG GRRRRRR. Is that sick or what!? Thank goodness the clinic refused and found homes for all the pups. Your frustration is well understood. Welcome to TCS! Enjoy the are definitely amongst cat lovers...and I am sure there are some dog lovers too.
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Welcome to TCS and I certainly share your pain when it comes to homeless animals. Bless you for caring and helping the voiceless!
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Hi and welcome to the site, bless you for taking care of them.
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Just remember the "starfish story" matters to this one!! Every cat you spay/neuter prevents countless litters.

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Thanks to everyone who responded to my tirade yesterday. It's nice to be among others who care!
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Welcome to TCS!
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Hi and Welcome!!! I also don't see how someone could abandon or harm an animal. All of my cats are either rescue kitties or ferals that I've socialized. My Patsy, who is the sweetest cat ever, was abused then abandoned but atleast she was left at PetsMart so she was put in a foster home right away. I just can't understand how anyone could ever hurt her and the thought of it makes me sick.
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Welcome to TCS and thanks for taking care of these beautiful creatures! Don't lose hope.
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I'm always frustrated with that kind of stuff,alot of people dont think about what will happen to their animals if they cannot provide for them anymore.People who disreguard life like this will get whats comming to them, you on the other hand should be very proud of yourself, not all these situations will have a happy ending but at least you can say you cared, and did your very best.Not a lot of people can say that!
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There will always be heartless people out there in the world,but there are many like ourselves who are here as gaurdian angels so to speak,who will rescue and look after our furry friends.The most difficult thing
we must learn is that we can't save them all.But we can sure try like hell !!!
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I hadn't been personally hit with the impact of "street cats" until I moved to Dayton, Ohio. I was overwhelmed by the number of cats that were in the neighborhood! There was an organisation that performed low-cost spay/neuters on street cats you could catch...but it was scary how many cats were on the street. My landlords had a street cat that they fed. She was so, so sweet! But, they didn't get her spayed!!! I finally took her in myself. They let her have two litters in the few months that I was there. It was a very sad situation.
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Hi and welcome. I know what you mean about how people can be crewl to animals and I have no understanding of it at all. I have just rescued 2 cats from a sad situation. Perriwinkle is 4 and I have had 2 weeks now. His friend
Foxglove who is 3 I just adopted Tuesday. They were both living with a woman who was in a situation that led her to neglect these sweet angels. One is a Persian and one a Himilayan. They both had to be shaved as they were so severly matted. Foxglove is also skin and bone. They are the sweetest, loveing, shy cats I have ever known. I just feel so greatful to have the chance to love and care for them they way they should be.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!
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Welcome to TCS!
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Hi, Welcome & Bless you for caring for our homeless furbabies.
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