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Molly is home but Eviecat is being strange!

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As some of you may know we took Molly to get spayed today, we collected her in the afternoon and all she wanted was her mommy to hold her and give her a cuddle.

Since getting home we've had problems with our other cat called Eviecat. Is she even see's Molly, goes close to her or Molly goes close to her she will hiss, get her claws and teeth out in a very vicous way.

Has anyone experianced this before? Its very strange as they are so close and now Eviecat is acting very strange. We are having to keep an eye on them all the time and making sure Eviecat doesn't go near her without us being around. And if we have to pop out we have to shut Molly in a room with some food, liter etc just so Eviecat doesn't hurt her. Also because the stiches are on show we have to be careful Eviecat wont rip them out.

We are very worried about this as we weren't expecting these sorts of problems. Any help or advice welcome or even if this has happened to you.

We are a little worried how long this will go on for as its hard to keep them apart and we have huggy coming home in 6 days and there's no way we can cope with a new kitty and this.

Thanks for listening

Eva x
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hmm it could be due to the smell of molly being at the vet. But i dont know....
is evie cat a boy or a girl?
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Ad fwan said, she might be reacting to the smell of the vet's office. Also, Molly's own scent is probably funny from her body processing the anesthesia. I've moved your thread to the Behavior forum, where you should get some good help with this problem.
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Thank you

Eviecat is a girl and is about 2 yrs 6months, until now Eviecat and Molly have been the best of friends....Its horrible to see them like this.

Thanks for any help or advice you can give me, I just hope eviecat settles down soon because I think Molly misses her. Also I am now worried if she does settle it will happen all over again on Saturday as Molly has to go in for a check up.

Thank you again

Eva x
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i'll bet it's the smell. the other night, i treated Cable with some flea stuff, & Pixel hissed at her all night long! i was able to catch Pixel (not an easy task!) & treat her the next day, & things are back to normal. you might try the vanilla trick if they're not back to normal soon.
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It is the smell and you need to make both cats smell the same. You can do this several ways, you can use vanilla extract under their chins and at the base of their tails, several times a day, just a dab or two. You can carefully rub both of them with a sweaty sock (one of yours) so they smell you instead of the medicine, the stress and the other people who have handled your kitty at the vet. If you wear a certain perfume (and this is gayef's wonderful trick) and the cats are used to your perfume, spray your perfume in the air, stick your hands out and into the spray and rub them together, then gently rub both cats. You don't want to spray perfume directly on the cats, or on your hands, you only need the mist to work with.
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This happened to me when I took Frantic to the vets. I let him out of the carrier and then had to chase the boys upstairs because Pipsqueek was beating the crap out of him! My vet recommended rubbing Frantic with a towel EVERYWHERE, then rubbing Pip with the same towel. It took a couple rubs and a few days of living in separate rooms before they would tolerate each other.

It was heart wrenching to watch Frantic slinking fearfully around. He's the dominant cat in the house!
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I know you're so worried, Eva, but this is completely normal! You've received some excellent advice here! Your babies are going to be back to their sweet selves in no time!
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