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Home Decorating Question

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Hey ya'll. I was just wondering. For curtains with the extra material that is supposed to 'stand up' am I supposed to heavy starch it? I'm having some floppy curtains and I'm so frusty after painting all day (and seeing all the paint on my ceiling) that I could cry. Also... what is an easy way to get the paint off my ceiling?
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I don't have any good answers for you as far as the curtains go, but as for the paint on the ceiling...what I would do is paint over it in the original color of the ceiling
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As the queen of home disasters:

I can say that paint on the ceiling is a frustrating little thing. Just wait til the walls are dry, then tape them off & go around with a small paint brush and touch up the ceiling paint.

Or just go commando ("no tape") and go around with the brush.

RE: curtains, if you want them to stand up, either starch them like ya said or use that iron-on stuff that is used to bind seams. If you iron that onto the side facing the wall, it'll stiffen it up & make them stand.

OR forget the whole stand-up thing; and just put a garland of ivy or roses up there!!!
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Thanks Ladies. Unfortunatly being in military housing I have NO idea what paint they used in the house and when I asked housing they said that they get what is on sale and all the houses are different paint!!! Do I just guess at a ceiling paint? I really don't want to paint the entire thing!! ($$$$)

I'll looking into the binding. My room is blue so I don't see ivy going well in there.
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what colour is your ceiling?
You could get a small bucket.
here for a big bucket of paint is 5 - 10 euros.
I got ours for 7 euros and it did a good job!!
We didnt have the ceiling problem as we did top to bottom all white.


We are moving back to frankfurt at the end of the year
and i so cannot :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: wait!
i want a bigger house! with an appartment, i already know which area i want to live in... i just cannot wait!
paint, plants, furniture! ohhhh
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Usually places paint ceilings with latex but "flat" sheen. I would not ever use the "flat" paint as it is very difficult to clean. I think it goes: flat-eggshell-stain-semi gloss-gloss. I usually use eggshell or satin. My painting boo-boos I touch up with artist paint brushes it might need to coats to touch up. For the curtains-are the lined? Would it be possible to iron on some stiffer interfacing on that area to give the fabric some stability??
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I have no idea I hate to paint, had someone do it lol,My hubby did crown molding and really nice big baseboard
But I do like to sew curtins and such, I bought the same fabric that matched my sofa and lounge chair for the family room down stairs. I did the curtins in the master bedroom to, anymore I can't seem to get moviated
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The ceiling is an offwhite color. I did a small touch up with the extra white paint from the trim. If anything its a good primer to cover the blue boo boos and I can get a ceiling paint over the white. Tomorrow I'm going to try and heavy starch the curtains and see what that does.
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