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Cats snoring?

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I read somewhere that seven percent of cats snore. One of these would be my 6-year-old tuxedo, Gracie. She doesn't snore very often, but when she does, it's LOUD, and very human sounding. It's actually funny, because she's such a ladylike little cat otherwise. Anybody else every experience this?
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Billy does that. It's funny!
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My Patsy snores all the time. It's so loud sometimes I can hear her in another room. The only bad thing about it is she always sleeps with me and has to have her head on the pillow right next to my ear. It's funny that such a loud noise could come from her.
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Limeirck does it too once in a while!!
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Mine snores too,not all the time either.
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My 11 year old Tristan snores when he is sleeping with his head twisted upside down but the rest of his body on its side. It is kind of a whuffly little snore and really cute. He is really deeply asleep when he does it though.

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Merlin used to do it constantly, and either I've learned to sleep through it, or he's stopped. Mom says L.S. snores when he sleeps with her, but I've never heard it.

I used to go over to Merlin... "Mer?" poke "Merlin?" poke poke. "Meeeeerrr!" poke poke poke "Roll over!!" (Him - "Mrow?")
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Nano doesn't snore but sometimes she will randomly snort in her sleep. She does it when she is curled up into a ball.
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Luna SNORES!!!! I think he takes after his Human Daddy !! Did i mention he also drewls sometimes .. EWWW ( i think he must dream about food all the time.. fat cat )

Shadow does this cute little snore thing where she sort of sqeeks in her sleep

Geo gets into a good dream and he will start clicking or he will start sucking on his tounge... Geo Dreams a LOT .. it might be because he lets him self sleep deeper then a normal cat but i dont know for sure .. but he gets to kicking and twitching quite often in his sleep

Delilah OH MY never would she snore .. of course when she gets really good and a sleep she will start deep breathing just on the edge of snoring but NOT quite ... she gets into some good dreams and she will start kicking
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I have caught all my cats, past & present, snoring at some time or another. Daisy does tiny, lady-like squeaky snores. Milly's snoring is more robust. I can remember one night (while we still had our old cat Winnie) waking my OH up and accusing him of snoring - it wasn't him, it was the cat!

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Glad to know there's others out there. Gracie would probably be embarrassed to know that I shared her secret!
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Marcellus doesn't do a typical snore but he definitely has funny sounds that he makes when he sleeps.
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