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Scary problem...

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I honestly don't know if this is a medical problem, a behavioral problem, or a spiritual problem. I hope someone has some idea what may be going on.

This happened for the 4th time (in 6 months) last night. I was almost asleep, when I was awakened by Spawn 'growling'. (As you're all cat people, I'm going to assume you understand kitty growling!) When I reached to pet her I immediately knew she was 'gone' again. No breathing, no reflexes, no nothing. She only growls once or twice before these episodes, and then... nothing. I picked her up and she was completely limp. Her head rolled back, there was no resistance in her body anywhere. Complete DEAD weight.

As always, I panicked, shook her, called her name, put her back on the bed and rubbed / shook her body This process takes about 1 minute. Right when I'm sure she's gone... she springs up full of life and attacks me.

I don't know how to convey how scary this is. I told my vet about it, and she has no answers. Within minutes Spawn is fine again, but I would swear she's been dead. She's only 3 years old. She has no other problems aside from being a touch evil. She's just your ordinary run of the mill domestic long hair.

So. Is she having brain problems? Is she purposefully scaring the crap out of me? Is she having out of body experiences? Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated!!! (Maybe I should seek psychological evaluation?)
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Hmmm that is a weird one!!??!! I would think shes having some kind of seizure or fit or something, but Im no expert so....I would try taking her to another vet to get a second opinion.....you never know what might be going on. I hope someone here can help you better then I can....Sandie if you're about, can you help? What do you think?
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My thoughts are a vet trip is needed along with some tests. This could be the beginning of a problem that can be caught in time. I would also keep a lot of when and what happens. Good luck and keep us posted.
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Just a thought. What about epilepsy?

Oh Boy, that's really scary... Get her to the vet: this is definitely not normal.

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I have heard of this before, but usually something triggers it such as a touch or a particular sound. It is a form of seizures, but instead of the seizure activity, they go into fits of rage. To date, there aren't many vets who recognize this as a problem. Most behaviorists or all cat vets will know what you are talking about. If it becomes more frequent they usually try them on phenobarbitol.
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Wow. Fits of rage pretty much describes her reaction when she finally 'comes to'- but that part only lasts for a few seconds - 10 to 20 at most, and then she's back to her normal, aloof, uppity self.

I'm going to go ahead and take her in to the vet with a copy of what you posted, Sandie. (If you don't mind me copying it down!) Thankfully my vet will study up on anything if she needs to. I will leave it up to her if she thinks we should let it go for now, or if she wants to prescribe meds, or if she wants to read up on it first and then decide.

Is there more info on this anywhere online that you are aware of Sandie? Is there a name for this type of disorder so maybe I can run a search for it?

Thanks so much for all of your concern and help!
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I have a book that goes into detail and the name. Of couse, any other time it is here on the shelf. I took it to work to show the vet. I will bring it home tomorrow and give you some more info.
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Okay, here is what I know and have read on this problem. They classify it as psychomotor epilepsy. Or they say it is related to feline hyperesthesia. Hyperesthesia usually relates more to other symptoms such as twitching skin. However, they have seen a few variations. Depending on the actual diagnosis they can put them on anti anxiety drugs or in some cases seizure medication. From what I understand if it is weeks to months apart, there is not much you can do unless the frequency increases. It is also a good idea to have bloodwork done to make sure there isn't any underlying medical cause. There are several things that can lead to seizure activity in cats.
I hope that helps a little. There really is a lot behind cat behaviors that is not as widely known as it should be.
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Sandie, I so appreciate your help!

I will copy this info down and get Spawn in to the vet soon to have some bloodwork done. I'm going to try to research it a bit myself next week (AFTER I get 2 papers written for school! Busy week!).

Thank you!
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This sounds like a seizure or something that will lead to such a thing. I think that a trip to the vet is needed...ASAP! Also, don't shake the cat. They are 'dead weight' and if you are too rough with them a neurological problem (brain stem) may also happen. I'm not sure the vet will be able to understand the problem or take the necessary time to diagnose it, either. It will take a vet with a certain amount of interest in cat behavior/health to figure this out. But...I can think of several 'human' conditions that recall similar episodes. Some are pretty serious. I would not wait long. JMO BAGGER
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