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Chin Scritches= droool??

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Paige drools only when she's had her chin scritched for an awful long time- Is that healthy? I know Gibby will drool if he's making bread, but Molly never does.. are all three of them healthy?
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Some do, some don't. Both the cats I have at the moment are dribblers - one will drool at the slightest provocation, the other only if she's enjoying a particularly good cuddle. I don't recall the previous cat we had dribbling at all (but that could be a faulty memory....)

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My Kirsty who was put to sleep last July at 15 years old drooled all of her life from the time she was a kitten whenever she purred. She used to soak everything around her:-).

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A guy at my office has a cat(Molly) who dribbles.

She's done it from being a kitten and it's when she lies with her paws over their shoulder getting scritches when it happens

She's been checked and she's also fine!.

I used to envy him believe it or not and i used to say "Awww i wish Rosie would do it!"
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Pixie's always been a bit of a droolpuppy. Whenever she lays on me and is really relaxed she's like a faucet, lol. I asked the vet once and he said it wasn't a problem, she was just very content and relaxed.
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I had to think of Paige this morning. Jamie was draped across my shoulders, having his chin and ears scratched, and getting the front of my shirt damp in the process.
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