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My fur babies!

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So, I'll introduce you to the "gang".

This is Huckle, who is the king cat of the household - he cleans everyone, and also keeps them in line!

This is Smokey, aka Chubbs. He's a very gentle and sweet cat, who also happens to give the most hard and painful head butts!!!!

This is Little Miss Thing. Very timid (she had been abandoned when she was pregnant - no wonder she doesn't like people!)

Here is Bandit. She has the loudest purr I've ever heard, and loves to bite when she is happy. Love bites only! Although it does hurt sometimes....

This one is Sparky. She has the funniest little squeaky meow, and her favorite pastime is chasing shadows. Drives me nuts when I'm trying to sleep!

And last but not least is Hannah. She's another shy girl, but when she gets to know you is very loving and sweet. She loves to hog my attention when I'm in the bathroom!

And there they are! My gang of sweeties.
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They are all cute
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LOVE your guys and gals!
That is so sad about Little Miss Thing being abandoned ; she sure is a beauty!!
And I love your picture of Hannah with her legs crossed- such a lady!
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Beautiful babies, I love Bandit.
Nice pics.
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One big happy bunch you got there!

I love Little Miss Thing. She looks so cuddly and I love her colours.
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What a bunch of sweethearts! The picture of Huckle is especially gorgeous!
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Wow, that's a lovely bunch you have there. Can't wait to see more pics of them!
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They are soo cute... Huckle looks like a big cougar!!!! Hehe
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what a lovely fur family you have, they are all so adorable! from my 3
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