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I live with my big bro, he's 38 and sooo messy! I don't know why as our parents always taught us to clear up after ourselves! His plates don't even make it to the kitchen, they sit on the floor nearby wherever he just ate! He does not clean up ever! he's like, cleaning, what's that?! I think one of the most annoying things is one of the smallest - leaving a spoon on the draining board from his cup of tea. Then my dad makes a drink and does it too - and before you know it, there's a spoon mountain! I do have a dishwasher!!
My boyf is not too bad actually he dusts, (but I think that's so he can see the t.v. better!) and I have seen him clean out Villy's litter tray.
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My hubby was the baby in the family so his mother did lots of stuff that is hard to get him to do.
He does need dishwasher lessons.
He does mow the lawn and snowblow/shovel in the winter, but that's his tasks that he does my himself.
I basically do all the cleaning unless I really prod him to help me.
Sometimes I think it was the way he was raised.
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Ugh! My mom does that! My desk is covered!
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I got lucky with Mike. He does dishes more often than not, & can cook, too. We are a team around the house-we both have our certain things to take care of. It leaves us both happier & with more time to be creative. My work can be a little more detailed..he won't clean the bathroom, but I'll trade that for dishes ANY day! My ex wouldn't do ANYTHING. I was constanly cleaning up after that guy, doing everything around the house. And if we would plan a road trip, I would clean the whole place, so I didn't come home to a mess, pack, get everything together, remember everything. It would stress me out so bad. I resented the heck out of him for it, too.
Thank God for sweet men!
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Bill throws his beer cans in the trash, does his own laundry, vacuums, cooks, takes out the trash, replaces the toilet paper, puts down the seat and cleans up after the dogs. He also feeds the dogs and sets up the coffee maker, each night. I just have to flip the switch, in the morning.
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Ok hopw about your guy leaving the toilet seat up and yopu rushing to the bathroom and go to sit down and BAm!!! Your Bum is all wet. Has happend.

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I'm the one that leaves the toilet paper roll empty, empty cups everywhere, clothes on the floor, and the mail all over the place.

But I also do more cleaning and cooking (he pays my rent and utilities and often works late, so I try to make things nice).
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I seem to have the opposite problem of everyone. I hate it when my mom cleans. See, she has this horrible cleaning addiction, that borders on being obsessive-compulsive.

An example: I set down a half-full can of sodapop on the coffee table, use the restroom, and when I come back I've found that she's taken upon herslef to pour the pop down the drain, "because she thought I was done with it." She does this a few times a week. I've taken to bringing the pop with me to the bathroom so she can't get to it, and she still reaches in the door for it, shakes it to see if it's empty, then walks away.

Or my favorite: She sees I'm reading a book. I set it down and say I'm going to cook something to eat. I come back, and she has put the book away in my room.

Most of the time when she starts doing this stuff, I just move to my room and stay there all day. And she honestly has no clue as to why.
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Oh, my husband is a trained proffesional doing that. LMAO! He will leave all his beer cans, clothes, plates and stuff every where. I tried to tell him, but he always forget til I get mad. I guess I just have to pick it up myself and just smile.
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