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New to the forum....

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Hi, Gang....I just found this site on the internet.
My SO and I have about (?) 15-17 cats in and around our
homested here in central CT USA. We started taking
in cats that were abandoned or found their way to us
over the last couple of years. I had one cat...
"The BKG"...who's lived here for about 10 years. She's
not all that fond of the rest, but tolerates them.
We have a big place and several of the more aggressive
cats are 'sequestered' in different areas. I've been
looking at the behavior area and have found quite a bit
of information that we needed long ago. My SO will, no
doubt, be asking lots of questions. Looks like a terrific
site........glad I found it. We have several problems
that I would like solved. Urinating in inappropriate
areas, aggressive behavior, to just name a couple.
Hope to be a 'regular' here...not that I have much
advice to offer, tho. I appreciate all your input into
these great creatures. Thanx. BAGGER
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Hey Bagger!! Glad to have you with us!! Welcome to the site!! Im sure with having 15-17 cats you DO have some valuable advice for us!! Feel free to post all your probs/questions in the forums and hope you get some good answers!! though I know you will!! Hope to see you posting often!! Oooo and heres a "welcome" drink for ya!!
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Welcome Bagger! You have come to the right place!!!!

Please satisfy my curiosity.... :confused2 what does SO means?

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Heh heh, Anne-Claire I thought the same thing!! But I think it means "Significant Other" is that right Bagger?!
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Hey Bod...

that must be it... Significant Other...

Myself I have a DH... Do you know what it means?

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Nope!! No that one!! Do enlighten me!!! hee hee (doh!!! there goes my charade of intelligence!!ha ha)
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DH means...... Darling Husband.....

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Ah well then... I guess I have one of those too!! hee hee....(though I call him Slug as a nickname so I guess for me it should be a DS!! ha ha ha)
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Gees Bagger!! sorry hun for going off the subject there!! Back to the Welcome party!! :pinky:
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:homer: I was wondering the same thing about the SO thing. No here.
All that aside - welcome to TCS - it is the BEST place around to learn about and talk about cats.
PS - It is addictive too!
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Welcome Bagger!!!!

And guys, the way I am feeling tonight, I would have to say I have a BH. I will let you wonder about that one.
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... a Beautiful Husband? Brilliant?

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Hi Bagger!
Welcome.... you will enjoy it here! Lots of friendly people who are willing to help
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Welcome Bagger and Family :flower:

Tish + 5
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Hi Bagger

You are very welcome to The Cat Site and it is great to be part of.
Your cats sound soooooooo cute.

My name is Jenna and i am 12 years old, my mum is also part of this forum and she called Aristocat. She is really nice.

Here is a little welcome present for you and your family.

:girly1: :kitty5: :angel2: :flash: :pinky:
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Glad you discovered us. I just joined recently.

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I'm glad you found us! I'm sure you'll find the Behavioural Forum a great resource for you. We have a great time over here in the Lounge too. Looking forward to your posts! :pinky:

Take care & Happy Posting

Love & Peace,
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