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is she in labour?!

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i have a pregnant cat who is due anyday now,her appetite has slowed down over the last 24hrs and she has also been panting.the thing im concerned about is that she has had a clear discharge for 24hrs but no obvious contractions? is it normal to have discharge for this long and not have kittens yet?when could i expect her to have them????
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I don't know much about cat pregnancy, so I can't offer any advice regarding your question.

Have you tried the 'Pregnant Cats and Orphaned Kittens' forum, there might be some information there for you.

Otherwise, I would recommend that you contact her vet and ask them.

I hope it all goes well for you both! Good luck and I hope you find some more information!
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I took the liberty of moving your post to the Pregnant Cats forum so it would get a little more exposure ...

Watch her carefully, if the discharge thickens or has odor or color to it, then a vet visit may be in order.

Otherwise, it sounds like delivery should be soon ... do you know when she became pregnant?
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thanks for that.new to this site,not sure about navigating it properly yet! she mated approx 8-9 weeks ago.!or there abouts!
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Sounds like she is very close. Has she started nesting at all yet? Does she have a box or nesting place at the ready?
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Oh my.....I have the EXACT same issue.

My group took a VERY pregnant calico cat from animal control yesterday (they were going to put her to sleep while she was pregnant). While we were moving her into my carrier, we noticed a clear wet spot on her bedding (it did smell like urine). I rushed her home as fast as I could and put her into a very warm area and gave her a nesting box and lots of clean towels. But, so far, nothing......

It's been like 14 hours since the discharge (or urination). She has eaten, so that leads me to believe that we still have a little time.
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Some stop eating some don't untill they go into full on labor. Is she visiting the litter box but not going poo? Look for contractions in her tummy that can last for hours before she actually starts pushing
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HA, my silly kitty ate like 3-5mins. before the first baby came! But, my cat is a freak!!!
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She ate really well yesterday. Since we have no idea how or what she was eating up until 3 days ago, I started her on the kitten milk replacement (which she should have been getting for the last few weeks). She drank it right down with some wet kitten food.....good girl. When I went in to check on her at 5am this morning, she had the nest all discheveled and was talking up a storm. Luckily I only have to work until noon (and one of my volunteers is coming this morning), so maybe today is the day!!

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my cat showed no signs except that she became really loving and her waters broke (i call it that because it really was a gush of liquid rather than discharge). she ate the whole time through and stopped for naps!
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Originally Posted by maverick_kitten
my cat showed no signs except that she became really loving and her waters broke (i call it that because it really was a gush of liquid rather than discharge). she ate the whole time through and stopped for naps!
I used to have a cat whose water broke like that, but we thought she threw up.... anyway, she never stopped eating, either... though she had became so spoiled, she would eat nothing but canned food, but.... she didn't quit eating.
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still nothing! she has clear discharge and milk has come through! that was a week ago??? is this normal? i cant take her to the vets till next week when i get paid. any ideas????
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Well...I would call your vet and ask if you can take her in, but pay them next week.
I looked it up online, and from what I see, it isn't exactly normal, but it's hard to say - I'm assuming they can all be very different.
Here's a link to a site saying that the discharge normally lasts about 2 days.
Are you feeling the kittens moving still?
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My cat is also lactating and the vet said it was okay for this to happen for a while before the kittens are born.

No kitties on my end either, but mom is sure getting big.

Best of lUck,

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