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my wife and i and our two cats, django and snoop doggy dogg, have been living for 5 years in a converted RV home (permanent location, doesn't move, just sinking into the ground) on a beautiful small plot of land. the cats have their own little ramp system to get in and out of the front window, they have their bed up in the pull down bed above the old driver seat. and they love their terriorty outside to hunt gophers and other various little trespassers. now, we are being forced to move b/c the owners are selling the lot. however, we are being offered a small cottage to move into on the next door neighbor's property just 100 yards away. which could be great b/c django and snoop still would have their stomping grounds to prowl. but i'm wondering if this will still be pretty upsetting for them, losing their familiar home and having to settle into a new one that is completely different.

my question is this: what's the best way to make our cats comfortable with this new move, a new home? how can we best minimize their confusion, disorientation and stress?