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Question about Moo Cat

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We've been caring for a stray (Mooie cat) for about a year and a half. As he is a large cat, not heavy, but just big with long legs, I am wondering if he could possibly be a Maine Coon breed.

What is really unusual about Mooie is that he squeaks and trills, but never meows. When he went missing for five weeks, I worried that he was injured somewhere and nobody could hear is squeaking, soft sounds.

He seems to be particularly fond of chicken and especially chicken breast.

I don't have a recent pic of him, but he is a bi-color or tuxedo cat.

I was reading about Maine Coons and they are described as "gentle giants." That's Mooie to a T because he is a giant, but so gentle and sweet with his soft trill sounds. He never hisses and never picks a fight.

Any thoughts?
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Norwegian Forest cats are known to be the same way. They usually don't meow. My male and female both chortle through the house when the want something. And they are usually very large cats. So your cat could be of either breed.
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I think that you are absolutely correct about Mooie! I did a search on Norwegian forest cats and found some webpages with cats that look exactly like him. Moo Cat even has the same coloration as these cats. Whenever my Mom visits, she calls Mooie a "dog," meaning that he is so big.

I guess he does chortle, but it sounds like soft squeaks. Also, Mooie is extremely good natured, calm, and patient.

I hope you can see the pics from this webpage, but if you scroll down and look at the black and white male, that's Mooie, but without some of the fur:


This pic IS Mooie:


So I finally discover that Moo Cat is a wegie! Thanks for your help.
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