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excessive shedding and dandruff?

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This isn't for me or a problem of Lovey's, but I have a friend whom has a female shorthair cat who is just a sweetheart (Meemay)
Her problem is that if she wasn't such a sweetheart, you wouldn't find yourself wanting to pet her..
She has the worst shedding I have seen and dandruff mostly concentrated at the base of her tail.
When you pet her, the fur literally flies off her and straight up your nose in short slivery spikes!

She is an overweightish calico gem but its hard to get close to her.
I haven't seen a cat with this excessive shedding/dandruff before.

They found her as a semi-stray and took her back to the owner but they said they didn't want her as she was too needy.
I sometimes wonder if it was the shedding!
But bad owners nonetheless.

She hasn't been to the vet and the friends can't afford to take her..

She isn't balding anywhere.

Is this normal? SHe seems happy and content.

Are there any remedies for this or would bathing with certain products help?

Thanks for any suggestions!
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If this is a stray cat, I'll just add that Nano started shedding a whole lot once she was off the streets and eating good food. But she was shedding "bad fur" and growing in some new. That's all I can say without looking at the cat in question.
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There are medical problems that cause these problems, and the cat should be seen by a vet.

Some cats get dandruff and loose hair from poor nutrition. Whiskas and 9 Lives doesn't cut it in some cases. Feeding a better food should help. (Though if they can't afford a vet I doubt they'd be able to afford high-priced food.)

Have they tried getting a Zoom Groom and brushing her to death? I got three full handfuls of hair out of Ho Ho when I brought him home in less than ten minutes. He hasn't shed at all since then.
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Stress can also be a factor. Is the cat allowed to find a nice "safe" place to curl up away from the noise and whatever else might be stressing the cat out? If they can't afford the vet, are they affording decent food, regular diet and whatever else the cat might need?
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Thanks for the responses! I appreciate it.

Well, the cat wasn't really a stray..I shouldn't have said that...But the owners said when they did find them finally (through her tattoo) that she was always escaping and hanging out at their apartment block..
(a sidenote: she was actually found at the door of their next door neighbour who has 8 cats!!) ..she was sitting pretty at the door like she just lived there.
That neighbour couldn't add another to her mix so she brought her next door to see if she was someone's in the apartment.

My friends fell in love with her and regretfully looked for the owners, took her back and were delighted when they said they didn't want her anymore..

She is fed supermarket wet and dry (whiskas or the friskies I can't remember..think its whiskas).

Though Cirque, I had to laugh when you asked if she needed a safe place...(my fault for explaining her behaviour wrong)....this cat is velcro to them.. Very lazy cat (hence the overweight issue) and will lay for pets on anyone's lap who comes in the door and if you treat her, she is a friend for life
I often send over treats on a regular basis as she doesn't get them there...(probably not a good idea as she is plump but she is hard to resist).

They do brush her..But no vet as of yet...I have tried to convince them (for other reasons..just a check over anyway)...but they have limited funds...
I would pay for it, but would worry about future obligations..I budget for myself as it is.

I will try convincing them...But to me this looks like a skin problem..
I will also suggest that they change her food to a higher quality but don't know if they will take it..
She doesn't seem in any discomfort at all..but obviously its still an issue.

I was just wondering if bathing with an antidandruff might help.

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you said the shedding is worse around the base of her tail? And she's overweight? Sounds like the poor dear is having difficulty grooming properly (can't twist around to get that spot because of her belly!! ) How old is she? Do your friends know?

This sounds exactly like my mom's oldest kitty, Pansy. I'm gonna keep an eye on this thread, bcuz I intend to take Pansy to the vet when I get home to MT (Mom thinks once they've got their kitten shots and are current on their rabies boosters they don't need to see a vet at all until something catastrophic happens to them. hence this elderly (12yr old) gal hasn't seen a vet in prob 6-8 yrs!!!!!!!) I too would appreciate any advice y'all might have for this problem!!
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The owner said she was about 2-3 but who knows???
The dandruff is actually worse at the base of her tail..The shedding does seem worse on her back...I was actually wondering if that is why she LOVES being petted/skritched. Maybe she is itchy?
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They could try offering her some cod liver oil. I give this to my cat Milly who also suffers from dandruff, particularly round the base of her tail. The vet suggested cod liver oil, she has about half a teaspoonful every three or four days, and it really makes a difference - she has a glossy coat, not so much flaking, and what's more, she loves her medicine! She will drink it from the spoon. It's not expensive to buy (in a bottle) so it could be worth a try!

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Maverick had dandruff and greasy fur so i changed her diet from whiskas to Hills Science kibble and Hi-life wet and it inmproved in days.

Maverick also seemed a little depressed so i made sure i played with her and gave her lots of love and attention away from her new kitten. She wasnt grooming herself properly either but shes gone back to normal.

if your friend doesnt want to take the cat to the vet i would phone the vet on their behalf as most vets give free advice over the phone.
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Thanks guys!
I will provide them with those two options and see which they take to.
They are receptive so they may be into suggestions.
Will let you know if things change for the better, Rica Lynn.
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My boyfriend's cats are over weight too. They have the same problem. If they can reach the base of the tail they can't clean it then you have a sheedling problme. They wash the cats every 3 months or so to get rid of the extra fur and help them out. Talk to the vet and see if they have any ideas. I'd say lose the wieght and brush once a week or so.
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Just how big is this cat? Nano is 14 lbs but she can still "groom" her backside more than adequately. FYI only.

Anyway, sounds like some options have been generated so good luck and thanks for taking an interest in this cat's health.
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I wouldn't say she is too too big, Nano.
About 12-14 lbs sounds right though I am not great at gauging weight.
I have never seen her groom herself actually other than her paws.

This is one lazy cat! I mean it. She lays on the couch beside you and will let you move her into any particular position you want. She seems to prefer it.
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Acutally I was thinking of starting a thread entitled "Whats that white stuff on my shoulder?" as Midnight Ive notice has a dandruff problem.

He has a different coat then my other outside cats, very soft and fluffy to touch. I was going to ask you guys what I could do about that. Im not certain if it is diet, as the other cats eat the same food with no problem. I did see a bunch of fur laying in one of the boxes on the porch next door and I quickly looked to see if one of the cats had been attacked as it was quite a bit. Nope. It was Midnight. I guess he is shedding also.

Reading your posts, Im wondering if he has dandruff and shedding because of stress? Midnight was on one of his prowling episodes about a week ago, came home and now has a bum leg. I took him to the vets (Yes, girls...the ones that are falling off their computer chairs right now...) and the vet said there was really nothing he could do for him. It would mend but he would always be lame.

Since this episode, he sits under a rig I have made for him on the porch next door. A place where he can see whats going on, with blankets and a chair arched over top for protection. He seems to like it there. Do you all think his injury is the cause for the shedding and dandruff??
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My cat has the same problem as mentioned above. She has lots of dandruff and I thought it might be due to dry skin. She isn't stressed and isn't really over weight. She weighs 11 pounds. She is 8 years old and eats science diet adult. She has ALWAYS been a year-around shedder. The dandruff is only on the base of her tail and middle back area. I do brush her to help with the shedding with a shedding blade. She can reach it, because I have seen her groom herself and she isn't that lazy. She likes being pet, but not to the point where she demands it. I was thinking about just giving her an oil supplement, but I wasn't sure which one. The cod liver was mentioned but will it help with dry skin? She isn't itchy and doesn't seem to notice it. I think I've answered all the questions. So, 8 yrs old, not overweight, eats science diet, isn't itchy, isn't stressed, is not a stray, gets brushed(blade), isn't lazy, I think that's it. If you have any ideas I'd like to know.
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