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An "In Your Face Message"

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After the fiasco of my husband being fired, we decided today to put up Christmas lights and decorate the house (with the help of not so helpful kitties) It is our way of saying to those in this small town that we are not going to let this one set-back affect us and we are in a celebratory mood too! So we put up lights and garlands and at dark we went outside to look at our house from the street and it looks pretty neat! Guess we are the first one on our block to get up our decorations.

Also, something really odd happened to Mike a few days after he was fired. He started getting really sick and he NEVER gets sick. But he had a bunch of symptoms and what I figured out is that he is coming down from all the stress he was under. He finally started feeling human again today and is finally relaxing as well. I don't think he realized how bad that job was for him. He had lost his smile months ago, and today, he finally found it again!
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That's great!

I'm very happy for you both! It's wonderful that your husband has found his smile again; and it's a testament to your combined strength that you've put up holiday decorations. How easy it would be for you both to surrender to the pits of depression at this time. Thank you for this inspiring example of rising to the occasion!

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Good for you!

My dad used to say "Illegitimus non carborundum" which is pseudo-Latin for "don't let the b*****ds wear you down".

Remember the Grinch - Christmas still comes to Whoville, even in the face of things that would rob us of our pleasures.
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MaryAnne - I admire your ability to come through this. And if nothing else good comes of it, your hubby found his smile again and that is priceless.
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That's great! Show them that nothing will get you down. I truly believe that by feeling optimistic things always get better!

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Mary Anne and Mike; I knew the old SPIRIT never left 'Ya. What a great Holiday season you can both have! I know Great Things are on the horizon for the two of you. Did you string some lights around the barn for Racer? ( we REALLY need some HOLIDAY smilies) Give us a big old Belly Laugh, Mike!
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Hissy - Sounds like your husband losing his job may have been a blessing in disguise. I'm glad to hear he's smiling again! Bet your house looks great!
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I'm really glad that Mike is smiling again! I hope he feels better! maybe you could take some pictures of your house with the lights, and show us!
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That is great!!!!! Than that old say has been proven TRUE again. When not so good things happen to you they are sometimes for the better even though you might not think that way at that time.

I am so glad Mike has found his smile again!!
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Phone rang this morning at 2:00 a.m. and the first thing I thought was not good, because early morning calls are usually bad news. So I stumble up out of sleep and say a groggy hello and I hear my neighbor who lives behind us back on the hill ask me if we are okay? Puzzled, I say we are fine and why do you ask? The neighbor says I see flickering in the front of your house and is your house on fire? Takes me a minute and then I realize that I forgot to turn the Christmas lights off before I went to bed, it was raining so hard I didn't want to even get wet! So I explained to her that we put up our Christmas lights early and thanked her for the Neighborhood watch! LOL I know she thinks we are nuts for decorating the house so early, but who cares what they think! With all the sadness in the nation and our own disappointment, the lights lift our spirits.
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:laughing: :laughing2 :laughing: :laughing2 :laughing: :laughing2 :laughing:
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Gald your neighbor is on the watch!
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first of all, yay Millers! for not letting the bi-atch bring you down.

I can only hope my neighbor would do the same thing in the same situation.
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