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Hey There

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I have posted a few times with questions and have found this site to be so helpful and kind for a first time kitty owner. So -- thought I should introduce myself!

Jenn is my name and I live in beautiful Portland Oregon. And I drive a jetta (hence the login name) and I am a single, working professional in her mid 30s who loves kitties and coffee.

Now the good stuff.. I have a beautiful gray/white domestic short hair kitty named Bella Flower. I got her from the shelter last October and fell in love within minutes.

Bella Mia (nickname) is almost 7yrs old and very gentle and laid back. She is afraid of tin foil and the vacuum, but loves sniffing the fresh air through the screen doors and salmon toothpaste. yum!

I almost lost her at Christmas time to IBD and by the grace of God, she pulled through. It would seem she had IBD for many years untreated and her colon was almost gone. I am beginning to think this is why her previous owners (a family) left her at the shelter ( ). But she had surgery/biopsy and was in ICU for 2wks and pulled through. The vet said her white/red blood count was so off, he wasnt optomistic, but she came home in January and ever since has been much more active and eating well. It was definitely a miarcle.

Now she is happy and sweet and is much more energetic. I am very strict with her diet (Hills w/d) and routine, and lots of love and kisses. She sleeps with me at night and is a nice cuddler and watches tv on my lap when I get home from work. I wish you all could meet her, so sweet is she.

I have a confession that I tend to be very paranoid with her health and probably smother her w/ too much love & attention and 'how are you feeling?!!' questions but I am still gun shy from our IBD days. One of these days I will settle down hopefully..

So, thats our story. Hello and I am glad TCS is around to share the kitty love.
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Hi and welcome to the site, bless you for taking good care of her. I can't wait to see pics!
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Welcome to the cat site. Thank you for all the care you've taken with your little cat -- I'd be gunshy too after all you've been through. I'm sure Bella Flower eats it up -- especially if she was neglected earlier.

I have a little grey tuxedo cat. You can see her in my signature. She's four years old and also very sweet. She has very curly paws when she sleeps which I find completely charming.

The Cat Site people are wonderful and will help you every way you need.
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Welcome to the site Jenn! The world needs more people like you who are so dedicated to those in their charge (animals or people). Bella is a very lucky kitty to have you in her life.
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!! I am soo glad that Bella Flower pulled through. I completely understand it when you say you are paranoid about your kitty's health. I am the exact same way with my Princess. She almost died a week after I got her and has had health problems ever since so now if she shows ANY signs of illness she is at the vet.
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Welcome! I am donna proudly owned by Mischka. Linx & Sundance
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Hi, Jenn and Bella Mia, Sierra and I formally welcome you to TCS! So glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know each of you better!Bella is such a sweet baby, and the two of you are such a blessing in eachother's lives! I know what you mean about feeling so protective, Jenn, and feel this is absolutely normal and appropriate! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!
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Myself, Eviecat, Molly and Huggy would like to welcome you to TCS. Its a lovely place and all the people are so nice so I hope you'll stick around and that we'll see you around the board.

Bella Mia, is a lovely name and I am so glad she pulled through. Sound like the sweetheart has been through a really tough time..bless her. But I bet she knows she landed on her feet when she met you

I also have a cat I rescued from a shelter, her name is Eviecat and we have just had her for a year but it feels so much longer. She is also scared of Tinfoil and many other things From what we can tell she was abused by her last owners as she gets freaked out very easly...for example we can't even shut a door without her getting distressed.

Anyway I am usre you'll love it here and I look forward to hearing more about your precious girl. If you would like me to make you a signature like you may of seen in some of your replys I would be more than happy to do that. If you are interested just click on my name and select 'send a private message'.

Take care and see you around soon

Eva, Eviecat, Molly and Huggy
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welcome to the site
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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Bella and I are happy to have found you all. I am working on a signature (thanks to Eva-loves-cats) and hope to show you pics of my baby soon. See you on the boards!
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Welcome also from me. For what it's worth, in my humble opinion you cannot give them too much love!

I turned the alarm off this morning and stayed in bed an extra half hour just because Bijou wanted to cuddle and be loved. I just barely made it to work on time. (Actually it was pretty selfish of me since I was very willing to cuddle too.)
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Hello and welcome!!!!

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Hi Jenn, welcome to TCS! Please let us see Bella soon - she's a fighter! Thanks for saving her! You both deserve each other!
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