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TTP tonight......

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Just some random shots of the kits tonight.....

Trixie knows exactly where the treats are kept!

These two wouldn't leave me alone tonight...

Didn't Petals pose pretty......sitting on her pillow like a little princess!

Why are you all upside down?
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Awwww Petals. She's sooooo cute!! They look like so much fun
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Awwwww..... Susie, I just love your kitts! They're so adorable!
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Great shot of Petals!
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Always love a TTP thread!
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Very cute pics! I Can't wait until my new fur balls do fun stuff!!
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Thanks for the compliments guys!
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Yay, beautiful pics of TTP, Petals is so pretty!
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Originally Posted by babygirl
Petals is so pretty!
...and she knows it,too! Look how she's mugging for the camera! She knows we can't resist her sweetness.
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Tig and Petals were enjoying the heat from your lamp.

They are sooo cute. I love that little black spot on Petals' chin.
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They are all adorable.So sweet and content looking.
I love the one with Petals in the chair.
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Aww... TTP
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great pictures of adorable furrys!
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Oh, what a great photos!
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Awwww Susie their great Loved that one of Petals on her cushion lying there like a lady of leisure and she looks so full of mischief on the last one
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I just realised what TTP meant !
im so silly!!!
it means Trixie, tiggie and PETALS!!!!!!!
i love your bunch!
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LOL, that's right Fwan.....Sandra gave them that nickname!
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AWW.. Tiggy is sooo adorable!!
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