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Pictures from my Daughter's Wedding

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The first couple are Jenny and Haley, her flower girl.

Here are the bridesmaids and maid of honor is the far left.

Here's Kinsey the best man taking the garter off of her leg.

This next one is my daughter and my son.

Here's a sweet picture of the Bride & Groom.

This is one of my best friends daughter, and my son.

This is Jeff, (hubby) and my son Jake.
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Aw! Congrats to your daughter!
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OMG that cake is amazing. Your daughter looked lovely.
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Congratulations on Jenny's wedding!!!
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how beautiful! I love the picture of the bride and groom dancing and looking at each other!

Where was the wedding at, if you don't mind me asking (since we live in the same city )
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The wedding reception was at the Eagles Club on Old Boonville Hwy.
The wedding itself was at Morningside Church near Covert and Hwy. 164.
Most of my pictures aren't real good.
I am anxiously awaiting the photographer to call to look at the ones they took. The flower girl is really a living DOLL! You can't really see it in these pics.
It was so fun, but I am soooo glad it is finally over!
They are in the Smokey Mtns. on their honeymoon till friday.
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Congrats to your daughter, she looked beautiful.
Love all the pics, thanks for sharing.
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wow! it looks so romantic!

sorry to sound so slushy but i'm a sucker for white dresses and big cakes!

Jenny looks beautiful
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Looks like a wonderful wedding and great time, Patty!
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What really great pictures
BTY weren't there any cats there

used to seeing those kitty cat photos
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tried to get Lily to be the flower girl but no one would buy the idea
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Congratulations and blessings to the happy couple!
Your pictures are nice! Love the cake! Everyone is so happy!
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Congratulations! Your daughter's dress is so beautiful!
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Ah, romance... Your daughter and her husband look very happy together. And the cake looked gorgeous! I know you're happy that headache is over (wedding and planning and rehearsals). Now, on to being the nagging mother-in-law. (I'm just joking on the nagging part...)
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Oh their lovely! I love a good wedding!
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How lovely! Congratulations to Jenny and her husband!

The wedding looks lovely! The dresses are so beautiful and the bouquets, wow!

Everyone looks so happy, I bet it was a wonderful day for everyone!
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weddings are beautiful!!!!
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awww theyre great pics, she has a beautiful dress
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Jenny did pick a great dress!

The pic of hubby, however - was that taken towards the end of the reception? He looks a bit tired.
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Those pics are wonderful, Jenny looked so pretty! The wedding looks like it went very well!
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Beautiful photos! Your daughter was positively gorgeous! Love her dress!!
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Oh how I love a good wedding! Gorgeous pics with a gorgeous bride!!
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Such a lovely wedding, Patty! An extra special congratulations to the Mother of the Bride!
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What wonderful photographs - you must have been so proud of your daughter, she looked beautiful. The photo of your daughter and her new husband is just lovely.
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