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Fantastic Chris, absolutely Fantastic!!!!...
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Chris they were brilliant! Can't believe how much Megan looks like Sophie!.

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Susie has a video of TTP? i wanna see that one, too! can you send the both to me?
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YAY! Thanks Chris! I love your voice! LOL Especially when you are talking to Megan!
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Ooh... Send to me please
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I wanna see it!!! I sent you a PM. Thank you!

i wish there were a way to display small, short video files inside a post, as we can with pictures.
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I've think I've caught up with everyone! If I missed you or you didn't get it, just let me know!
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great video, loved it!

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I loved your crew Chris especially Mama!!
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Such sweetheart kitties!!!
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Awww Chris.....just loved it!!!!
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Originally Posted by captiva
No Cheryl - just my spazzy voice in that video. I didn't use my phone voice. I have Susie's TTP video save and still laugh when she says, "Petals" because it's so melodic. Up the scale.... And down the scale. It's so pretty. I sound like Marge Simpson's sister on a bad day

Melodic?? Didn't you mean perhaps physicotic???
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Nope - you have a very pretty voice. I bet you have a good singing voice as well.
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aww Chris - the gang are lovely - it's lovely to see them all together. What a fantastic welcome home
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You have a vid with all of the kits? Send my way?
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